Intergrate Amp: Plinius 9200 vs. Bryston 100 SST

Looking to upgrade my 2 channel system. Currently using Rotel 1056 surround sound processor with JM Labs Cobalt 826 floorstanding speakers with a YBA CD Alpha Complete as source..any thoughts, opinions out there?!?

Thanks Evan
I just put a new Blue Circle NSCS integrated into my system so I'm biased.
I think 99% of the integrated mfg.'s put out a viable product.
So what unit will have the synergy with your speakers that creates the sound pleasing to your ears?
I felt the Bryston was a bit to, I don't want to say bright, pushy on the top end.
The Plinius I probably could have learned to like.
With a 92dB rating you don't need mega watts to drive the 826's.
How big of a room?
I would suggest you listen to both peices. Otherwise, if you take to many virtual suggestions, you too may end up "feeling" instead of "hearing."
Hi Evan!

I own the B100 SST now and also have owned the Plinus 8150i and 8100. I am not speaking for the 9200. The Plinius presentation is quite different in that it's more laid back and a bit slower sounding for lack of a better term. It is more euphoric if you will but does miss detail to some degree IMO. I'd say from the units I have owned, they sound a bit less realistic but nonetheless quite good. Soundstaging appears wider but it is also less direct so that could influence perception. I haven't heard the 9200 yet.

The B100 is the best integrated I have owned or heard. It has an very clear, upfront, transparent character that resolves a lot of detail but I would also say it is quite balanced and nuetral. The top end is open, extended and clear, but if a speakers mids aren't as transparent someone may incorrectly state it is bright. It can actually have a warmth to it's overall presentation depending on source and speakers of course. Bass is very tight and quick. The center fill soundstage is fantastic. Drums have excellent speed and impact. The Plinius by comparison mutes drum impacts a bit. I currently have the 8100 and have done A/B comparisions. I also have a newer model B60 and the B100 is a clear improvement across the range.

As always. Listen for yourself as we all have different taste.

hbarrel..the room is 17 wide by 28 long (speakers need to go on wide side) with 14 foot ceilings. thisis my first posting and im so happy to be getting useful feedback! evan