Interesting survey

How much newly released music do you listen to?
  • 5% Quite a bit
  • 14% Some
  • 34% Not much
  • 47% None
Shows are we are such a special group of people. We love music and its reproduction. To bad the audio magazines have turned it into a selling tool and tread setting. No matter if you like Vinyl, CD or Downloads which are the highest selling in the billions per year now, we are still a rare group that likes to collect and listen to whole albums and many like the physical touch and interaction. 
Actually streaming is making the most in todays music sales
I've been collecting albums since the 1970's and have a fairly large collection. At some point I'll start streaming so I can be opened up to more new music. We are fortunate to be alive at such a time that there is so much music available to us. 
Interesting numbers from a survey! Where did it come from? A-goners or "general population"? 
Listening to Top 30 off my Sirius Radio is akin to being thrown into a torture chamber. But there is a lot of new music coming out from, say, Steven Wilson, or my fav EM field, or just something I keep discovering from the olden days... which would place me into 5-14% category. I find the OP a bit confusing... Is it about bying software vs streaming, or growing the collection, or new-new music being released?