Vinatge Analog Audio Cheapskate Survey ...

What do you think is the best vintage turntable that can be bought these days for around $200 or less?

I vote for the Luxman PD-272, with the Thorens TD-166 a close second.

What's your favorite?

systemdek IIx
Kenner Plug 'N Play.
B&O RX-2 with an MMC3 cart. - hard to beat this one for the price...

Of course, I must insert the Mighty Lenco in here ;-)

Apart from that, Ariston RD11s are severely undervalued too, and so many others...
Philips 212 or Philips 312
Yeah... I had a 312. In fact, when I was in college, most folks had a 312. Great tables for the money... then and now.

Systemdek IIx

I've observed used prices for these tables slowly rising. I paid $225 USD for mine brand new back in the late 80s and I've observed closing auction prices higher than that lately. I used to see them on eBay for around $125. Don't know if you can still find them at that bargain price.

Interestingly, Audionote licensed the Systemdek turntable designs and the prices started going upwards for new and used decks.
These DD TTs came out in about 1978 and can be had for less than $100 when they do show up. They weigh in at about 25 lbs but this is due to the deadened plinth.