Interconnects for Conrad Johnson amp/pre?

I need to upgrade my interconnects, and then my speaker cables. Or, vice versa.

Conrad Johnson PV11
Conrad Johnson 2300
Rega Planet
PSB Golds

Currently using Kimber Kable PBJ interconnects and bi-wired VS speaker cables.

I'm on a limited budget so will purchase used cables. Perhaps $150 for each 0.5m interconnect and approx. $300 on (max) 2m speaker cables.

What is advised and why?
I have had the C-J PV11 till about a year ago, now have the Premier 16, I found that Nordost Red Dawn worked really well, it was quick, open and cooled down some of the warmth which I like. they go for about 180-200 on Agon, so a bit higher than you suggested, but they worked for me really well. I went from Monster 1000 to Nordost SPM on speaker cable so can not help you there.
What I like about the Nordost is it took just a bit of the bloom out, without losing any of the detail in my system, B&W 804 speakers, at the time I have a C-J MV52. Hope this helps Michael
Using Acoustic Zen Wow between PV12 and MF2500. Really pleased with the improvement compared to generic ICs. Took the edge off the highs and improved the bass. Speakers are Maggies.
I have the PV14 and a Premier 11A. I had a 2300A and it was a sweet amp.

I had good results with MIT 330 Shotgun. Currently I'm using Z-Squared AUAU toplines and cryo'd Pulsars. You might try either of those. They are in your price range. Lot's of detail in both and they seem to mate very well with the CJ gear in my system. Both present better seperation between instruments and wider stage than I recall getting from the MIT, but I should go back and compare again now that I have grown accustomed to these.

I have yet to start trying new speaker cables so I can't help you there.
I haven't tried your amps, etc. My standard response is Oritek X-2 interconnects(kind of like Jack Nicholson's standard response in "Terms of Endearment", "I love you too".)
I have a CJ pre and am about to try some Grover UR6,they are in your price range also.