Interconnect test

Nordost Red Dawn has strong highs.
Audioquest Anaconda has strong bas.
Which one is strong in mids ?
Audience Au24
In my system, Kubala Sosna Emotion gets the midrange (as well as the rest of the frequency range) right. Can't speak for your system, though.
Acoustic Zen Sil Ref ICs have a very balanced high, low & mid frequencies, the Audeince will have a sweeter mid but the AZ will offer better frequency extremes in my experience. Both are excellent ICs.

Happy Listening.
Nordost Anaconda.
Marakanetz ! Do you mean Red dawn from transport to pre and anaconda to power amp ? so i get a mix ?
or are you just a smartass.
...or Audioquest Red Dawn.
Marakanetz it sounds like a sandmonkey name :)
Someway you guessed the origin of my nick but much more sophisticated cryptology is involved still:-)
ok, but i tried my best :)
audience 24, strong mids and wide soundstage