Interconnect Help - Recommendation Please

Hi Audiotgon -

I recently just switched out my RCA interconnects (proconnect proflex) with bluejeanscable LC 1 rca cables. What I noticed is that the sound is less harsh to my ears now, more open, much better soundstage.

However, I lost some detail in the singers voices. Such as squecks when singers squeck at the end of the words. (Hard to explain). It seems that some of the details are now in the back of the sound and less pronounced. I did however notice that the proflex are silver coated and the lanare LC 1 is not. Could this be the reason?

To my question: Can someone please recommend a great interconnent. I can afford around $1500 only. I have looked at Kimber, Chord, and the one Im personally eyeing are the cardas with their new crimp termination connectors. Traits I am after: I would love to get back the "details" the proconnect proflex gave me, without sounding harsh. Also looking for even better soundstage, openness, etc.

Thanks guys. It seems really hard to find a interconnect that will pop out the tiny details, such as the squecks in singers voices, witout inadvertenly making the sound harsh and bright.

Equipment I have: Parasound Halo A52
Denon 3800
Denon 4308 (as pre amp) - I will upgrading to the Parasound halo JC2 soon.

Speakers: Dali Ikon 7's (will be upgrading to Helikon 400 mkII or 800 mkII soon)

Thanks guys.
A couple things come to mind....One is you may want to let the new cables run in for awhile before you make final judgement on them. Also understand that many of the things you describe are highly subjective and you will get MANY varied responses.

As for your cable budget, $1500 is a lot actually especially given the parameters of your current system. My default recommendation for guys seeking the qualities you describe is to:

1. Try a pair of Paul Speltz Anti-IC's that you can easily get used for $100.00, and gauge them against what you're looking for.

2. If you seek a little more detail, my experience is that the Audience AU-24 is hard to beat for many applications- and you can get a pair for under $300 used.

3. I'm not a silver-loving guy, but if you decide to go that route, I'd recommend picking up a pair of the Poeima cables and weighing those againt what you wish to hear.

Many others will chime in; none of us are "right", as again this is a very subjective subject within a subjective hobby!
Danlib1 is right. There is no need to spend 1500 for a interconnect. Also there are many here on Audiogon used that are in new or almost new condition. I just bought a pair of Cryo Parts Sappire I/C for 220.00, 6 ft. used in mint condition, i replaced a pair of Harmonic Tech Truth Links, which are very nice sounding, the Ht cost a little more but both sound great. No need to spend 1500. Also how long of i?c do you need?I was using the HT with Odyssey SS amps and Merlin speakers, very smooth not harsh at all. Go to Cryo Parts web and check them out very good price smooth and detailed sound, or if your interested i could sell you the HT Truth Links,1 meter, mint condition.
One of the better values in $1000 used is Acoustic Zen Absolute - read reviews (foamed teflon, zero crystal silver with 1% copper). It is very open and detailed (transparent) but also very smooth. I use 0.5m XLR = paid only $600 but it was a bargain (offer I could not refuse).
Hi,tara labs the one ism,has tranformed my system 4 fold,between pre and amp,maybe the biggest uprade i have done so far.This is only my opinion.
You can have your cake (musicality with exquisite detail) and eat it too (tons of leftover money to buy music for listening) with auction prices of Auricle Audio Design, Joe Mazzaglia's company.
Despite being rather awe inspiring to my ears, his product line is still a bargain because of the very crowded marketplace.
I also love to hear all of the singer's sounds which probably have been given proper names by vocal coaches.
And, if you crave what might just be the very best there is, you can even pay up for Joe's non-advertised, not for auction, special custom fragile interconnects conferring bragging rights upon those who handle their equipment with NASA grade carefulness. The price has to compensate for the difficult labor of this perfectionist craftsman.
You Audiogon fanatics know who you are.
With your system did you mean to type $150 instead of $1500? If not, I suggest looking elsewhere for your upgrade.
Recently had the pleasure of meeting Joe M of Auricle Audio Design. I bought two sets of interconnects. (Pre-amp to amp, tuner to pre-amp. Awaiting another set to connect my CDP.) All I can say these are EXCELLENT sounding IC's at extremelly reasonable prices.) I would definately give these IC's strong consideration. (I'll post a more detailed review after I have a chance to compare them against the WireWorld Polaris 3's, which are the present cables I'm using w/my CDP.) Do not the low prices of these Auricle IC's influence you against trying them out. Cheers! Bill
If you like "squecks", try a Tiny Tim recording!!
Ridge Street Audio Poiema P-3 ........Your worries will be over.
I like Van Den Hul, Kimber, MIT and Cardas. They each have cables at price points and plenty on the used market. They are all well built, and sound great. Good luck.
Ryriken -

Regarding what length I was looking for:

I only need 1.5 ft of Interconnects. I like to keep it short as possible.

Its weird how some people say you cant "hear" the difference from different RCA cables, because it amazed me how I did indeed hear the difference. But then again, I was using economy cheap rca cables before.
I second the Ridge Street Poiema!!! R-v3 IC's! IMHO, Silver done right!