integrating HT with 2 channel

I presently run my tv through my integrated (tube pre, SS power)Amp. I'm thinking about getting ARC separates. Do you run your Tv through your expensive tubes? What are the other alternatives? Is there any way to use two power setups with the same speakers. I hate to think about two sets of speakers in such a small space.
I have the HT and 2 channel setup. The way it works is your HT processor's line level outs for left and right go to the pre-amp. Your CD player/DAC/whatever also goes to the pre-amp. Then your pre-amp connects to your monoblocks (or whatever amp) and then the amps to the speakers.

Then when you watch TV/Movies you put the pre-amp in passthrough mode (manufactures may have different name for the same thing) and you get unadulterated sound from your processor.

When you want to play a CD, just switch the input on the pre-amp to the CD input.

I'm using the McIntosh C500t (tube) pre-amp and a 5v trigger lead connects my classe processro with it. When I turn on my classe, that 5v lead going into "passthrough" trigger input powers on the pre-amp and automatically puts it in passthrough mode.

I'm not sure if that answers your question, but thats pretty much the way HT and 2 channel gets integrated having only 1 set of amps and speakers.
a very similar setup is described in the HT bypass feature section of the peachtree decco


I suspect this approach may be applicable to other vendors as well. I'm not entirely sure this is the same thing that Joelz describes.