Integrating tube amp with HT

Hello. I'm wondering if someone can give me some pointers regarding the integration of my ARC Tube amp and an old Yamaha receiver. My preamp is an ARC LS19.I want to watch my t.v with my receiver,not my tube amp. How can I run my speakers to my receiver and bypass the amp???


YOU COULD ALSO input the main ch of the rec to your pre and adjust the vol there, accordingly. If your pre has a pass thru/HT bypass, you're set, just use that pair of inputs and source selection.

I didn't care for using my tube monos for HT when ran even as main outboard amps directly from my Onkyo rec. Consequently, I bought other amps for HT purposes, and without the HT bypass... just switch spkr cables back and forth. Best deal? Nope. But it sure works good and saves me a ton of $$$.

BTW I use one set of spkr wires period. Two sets would become the same thing though... just switch between the two types, which is what I'll ultimately wind up doing at some point as I'll use one room and one pr of spkrs for both 2 ch and HT 'til I get another room constructed.... if ever that happens.
Thanks for the info. My pre has a processor input.My speakers are plugged into my main tube amp,though so I don't see how the speakers will get a signal.
I run separate speaker wires for my tube amd and home theater amp and switch cables.
if you have only one set of spakers, and one set of spaker cables, but two amps... you have to choose which amp you wish to use to drive the spakers with. Just switch the cables from the tube amp to the receiver, and when done there or you wish to use the tube amp switch 'em back.

BUT if you have a processor input on your ARC preamp, run a pair of analog cables from the monitor outs on the receiver to the proc inputs of your preamp. turn on the rec, and pre, & amp, and no swithcing of the speaker cables is needed.

to use only one amp or another with the same spakers... you will have to switch your spkr cables back and forth from amp to rec, and so forth.

there is no other way with your current setup.
Might consider adding a preamp to coordinate the two
I use a ConradJohnson Met1 5.1 tube hybrid analogue pre.
Two 5.1 amp inputs, speakers out, and cable, cd, tuner, bluray, sacd in. All you need do is turn on theamp or reciever you want to use and switch between players with the remote. Works great but requires lots of analogue interconnects.