Integrated Tube amps w/remote

I've got more separates than I have shelf space. I'm looking for the best int. tube amp w/remote (Volume & mute). I've read positive reveiws on the VAC Avitar but have not heard it. My speakers are Totem Forest @87db /1watt and have an 8 ohm nominal and a 6 ohm minimum rating. Has anyone heard the VAC Avitar in person? Any sugguestions on other tube amps?
I've read a lot of great things about Bel Canto Design's SETi40 (37 watts(?)single ended w/845 tubes), but it only has 3 line inputs (no phono). I haven't had the chance to listen to one yet, but people have told me that they sound great (better than their seperates).
VAC AvAtar! The last amp you will ever need. I listened It, with Legacy Classic speakers and Rm 22s...I think it would be great match for your Totem, and probably almost any speaker 87db and up (even 4 ohm, no problem) and with AValon speakers and Wadia digital end no cometition!
Pathos Twin Towers and Avatar SE, you could not lose either way, but Vac has phono so away thataway I went......
Get the best of both worlds.... The ss int amp from electrocompaniet. You will swear you are listening to tubes... no tube hum or all of those other problems.
Electrocompaniet? Sounds like a tube amp? What model are you referring to?
Heard good reviews on the Pathos Classic One. For s/s I heartily recommend the Plinius 8150i. THe YBA Integre DT seems to be a top notch integrated amp as well.