integrated amp for thiel cs2.4

looking for a integrated amp for thiel cs2.4
tact m2150, jeff rowland concerto, perreaux r200i, krell kav 400i, plinius 9200 ? which one is the best match ?
I remember being very impressed with Rowland Concentra I driving Thiel CS-6's. This was many years ago.

I owned the Plinius 8200 II while I also owned Thiel 1.6's and it was quite good, but always had a hint of grain and I ultimately went back to tubes for that speaker. I never heard the Rowland on the Thiel 1.6's.

A friend of mine is driving Thiel 2.4's with Rowland monoblocks and a First Sound tube preamp, and it sounds great IMO.

Thiel demo'd them on BAT equipment at CES last year...might check one out
Consider the Coda-Continuum Unison 3 Ultra.

I'm a tube guy at heart, but use this amp in a second system. First 35 watts are pure Class A. Dead quiet, incredible bass control, consistently natural tonality across the full musical spectrum (i.e., totally non-fatiguing). Drives huge 4 ohm Tyler Acoustics Woodmeres without strain. Understated but handsome looks.

There are things this amp/loudpeaker combo does that my tubed system simply cannot. Highly satisfying.

Good luck in your search!