Integrated Amp for B&W 805 Nautilus

Presently running a Jolida Hybrid 1501 @ 100 wpc with NOS Mullards 12AX7's. Matches well with my modded Jolida JD 100 CD player, but I can't help thinking there are better alternatives out there for the 805's. Primary listening at low to moderate levels. Looking at 1k used - no more.

I enjoy the Jolida and probably will not upgrade immediately, but - can it beat beat at this price point?

Thanks for your input.
I'm using a refurbed NAD M3 with my 805S's . Matched with a Rega Apollo I'm lovin it
You might look at a Exposure 2010s or 3010s
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Keep your Jolida while you try other integrateds as the new amp may not sound any better than the Jolida.

You might want to look at the older Classe CAP-100 as an alternative.
Yes, it can be improved but the speakers can be improved by simply moving from those even the 805S models.