Integra 40.2 or Marantz SR6005?

I am in the market to buy an A/V receiver. The speakers that I have are the Dynaudio 72SE's. Between the 2 receivers mentioned in the subject line, which one will be better to drive the power hungry Dyn's? Both the receivers are priced at $1K. I may also look into Anthem products...
Since nobody else has answered your question. I don't know that either one is significantly better than the other. The Integra is rated for 4 ohm performance and I would guess the Marantz is as well, but I didn't see it listed in the product specs. I have an Integra 50.1 and really like the way it sounds, but have not heard a Marantz recently. The Integra is really user friendly having individual buttons on the front panel rather than selection knobs, but other than that I'd say they are both quality units.
I just installed and calibrated a marantz 7005. I am very impressed at what you get regardless of price. At this price it is a steal. just came from a $35k processor to the Marantz and do like it allot. Not as high end as Levinson 502, but quite amazing.
I have the Integra 40.2 and I love it so much. I have my Oppo hooked up to it. The use the HDMI for Blu-ray, multichannel analog for SACD listening, and stereo just foe 2 channel listening. Since the 40.2 is a pre-pro, I use two McIntosh poweramp for my main/front, Hafler amp for center channel, and NAD amp for the rear channel, and Velodyne for the sub. The processor of the 40.2 sound excellent for HT use, it uses the Odyssey sound processing once it's set up you'll never go back. you should google the 40.2 for more info.