Intega P-303 and Onkyo M-8000

Hi: I've just picked up these pieces at a local shop, matching with JBL L40T3 speakers. It seems to me that a lot of bass is produced and I do not know how to treat this "bass effect" :-( My friend said that the pre-am and power amp. are not right for speakers. Is that true? Do you have any recommendation? Thanks. Bill
JBL is known for having great, powerfull bass extension, but I don't know the model you're refering to, I searched the net and found nothing.

Maybe the problem is not the pre or the amp, but your room acoustics. Are your speakers rear ported ?, have you tried different positions ?(I mean for the speakers lol), are they too close to a wall ?

Thanks Foxtrot. Yes, the speakers are rear ported and located close to the wall. Are these major causes? Bill
Bill, rear ported speaker ''fire'' bass to the wall, if they are too close to the wall no doubt you're getting that unwanted bass response.
If your room alows it, try moving them further from the wall and play a little with the postition.

Tell us if you hear any difference.

Good Luck.