Looking for a integated amp.

I'm looking for a integrated amp [new or used] to match well w/ my Monitor Audio 5i speakers and 500se Cambridge cd player? My budget is $700. Musical taste is all over the board from Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller and Lucinda Williams to the Beatles, early Stones music 64-70 and everything in between.

For a solid state integrated Audio Refinement Complete would be an excellent choice (and has optional remote). I use and really like a Consonnance Cyber 10 tubed integrated (no remote)... both fit your budget. Jeff
Peruse the classifieds, pick some from your price range, do some research, and go for it.
At seven hundred bucks you'll find your choices limited.

In solid state...

I see there's a Denon PMA 2000 for sale. They're not too bad.

Also there is a Simaudio Celeste that fits your budget and a Roskan Kandy MKIII & Roskan Caspian as well.

The Classe CAP-100 listed on the gon might be your best buy at this time. (IMHO)

disclaimer - I'm not a shill for any of the aforementioned sellers.
Audio Refinement all the way. I have to disagree with Hbarrel. Your choices in the 700 range are not that limited. There are many choices available. But.. with those speakers, the audio refinement may well be your best bet. Should be able to be had for less than 600 dollars.
Buy a Cambridge int, save the extra $ for something else.
Just buy the LFD Mistral amp for sale for $375 - it is a steal!
I used to have a set up of my monitor audio 5i with Accuphase E202. It worked very well. I saw a E202 selling here for $600. This interAmp is an exellent one for the money. It is quite old but I like it, even today it is still currently in my bed room system. Only negative side of this interAmp is the speaker connections, It is too small. I upgraded on my interAmp with a better speaker connections in the back.

It will work well for you if you don't mine a vintage interAmp.

I am from CA and have nothing to do with this seller. The only thing I recommended is make sure all functions of this interAmp working good before paying it.
go for the mistral....I was thinking of making an offer for it simply for a backup unit.
The Primare A20 Mk II might be just the ticket; an excellent unit for 600 used. Just hit today.

LFD Mistral at 575; definitely.

Roksan Kaspian at just over 600 looks good, too.

Arcam Diva at under 400 might be good.

Cary SLI-30 (tube integrated, 30 watts) for 655/bo might be the ticket, too.
There are plenty of good options in your price range. I just sold a Roksan Kandy MKIII for less the $600. It was a wondeful amp for the money. I owned an Audio Refinement Complete and much preferred the Roksan mainly on the basis of convenience features. Although different, they both sound great.
I used to have a Cambridge A500 integrated and D500 when I first got into hifi. Since then I have owned seperates (Bryston and Linn) and finally have ended on a Blue Circle CS integrated. New they are $1150, but you can probably pick up a used on for $700.

I would seriously look at the Blue Circle CS. Sonically speaking it is one of the few values and bargins in high end. Proof that more money does not make something better.

Read the reviews for the unit online. I think it sounds like just what your after.


Myryad Z-140 if you can find one. You won't believe its quality sound.
I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I'm leaning towards the ARC or Roksan. Any thoughts on the Jolida 1501.