Input needed on available speaker choices, please

I'm a newbie looking to upgrade my speakers. I basically have a bunch of hand me downs that I'm trying to spruce up without spending an arm and a leg.

To start, here's what I have (at least what I perceive to be relevant. Happy to supply more info if needed):
Integra DTR 6.5 receiver
Klipsch RC-10 centre
Paradigm PS-1000 subwoofer
Paradigm AMS300 V2 in wall for left and right surround
JBL S4 in wall for the front left and right (these I'm getting rid of for sure)
Toshiba DVD SD3900 player (connected to my Integra by optical out)

My plan is to upgrade my DVD player to an Oppo BDP-93 or 95. This player will pull triple duty as my blu-ray/ DVD and CD (rare SACD, DVD-A included) player.

This system is going to be used for home theatre and music.

I have a chance to land one of two (or both) of the following speakers:

1. Boston Acoustics VR950
2. DCM TimeFrame TF-400

I could get the BA OR the TF400 as the fronts and stay with a 5.1 system.

I could also get both and use the BA for the fronts, the TF400s for the left and right surrounds and relegate the Paradigm AMS300 to rear left and right surrounds and get the 7.1 system that my Integra supports.

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated. Like I said, I'm new to this, and am trying to figure things out.

Thanks in advance.
Your best bet would be to get matching speakers for your centre and LR. That alone will make a big difference. Rears are less important, but still should be voiced similarly to your others. So I guess that kills the BA/DCM idea unless you can find a matching centre for either.

The Oppo makes sense (assuming you've heard it and like it).
I thoroughly agree with Meiwan, it would be best to use matching speakers all around. This gives you a much more seamless soundfield and better transitions from left to right and front to back.

They don't have to be the *exact* same speakers, but should be within the same line or "family". As an example, I am using Gallo Reference 3.1s for my Front L/R and Gallo Reference AV for Center and Surround speakers. This was a huge step up in sound quality from when I was using mixed speakers before.

I strongly recommend you follow this approach, this will give you the best sound quality overall...