Any Good In Wall Speakers Available?

I'm considering in wall speakers for a multi-purpose media room in a small condo. If I had the space, I would keep my Dali Euphonia MS4s. Space limitations will probably force a sale when its time to move. Has anyone had experience with "high end" in wall speakers (e.g. B&W Signature 8NT)? Thanks in advance...
Take a look at Totem Acoustic In- Wall speakers.
Thanks Egold- anyone else?
Triad...Triad...Triad... I use these in very upscale, high performance installs and they are the best! The Triad Gold MiniMonitor is one of the finest speakers in it's price range and application. I have driven them with Linn, Naim, and Meridian electronics with extreme success.


P.S. Did I mention Triad?

I used a pair of Paradigm SA-30's for surrounds in my HT setup and they sounded very good. Email me if you would like to discuss in more detail. Good luck
James Loudspeakers..Aircraft aluminum enclosures..Very musical..Best out of the room sub I ever heard.Very creative product solutions.Tom
Since it appears that you like Dali speakers, why not get a DALI in-wall? Their Helicon In-wall speakers should be out soon.
Thanks all. Has anyone heard the Legacy Harmony inwall/onwall speaker?
I've got some BMW's inwalls for rear speakers that are great.
Piega is introducing the first truly hi end on-in wall speaker . Keep your eyes open.
I've heard two Legacy in-wall speakers. The big units that barely fit between 16" studs sounded very good for in-wall speakers. They are on the warm and mellow side and are quite musical. The sleeker, smaller units with the curved surface are much thinner and a bit course sounding. Still, considering how crappy most in-walls sound, these are not that bad.
My father has the Legacy in walls in a all Legacy theater, they sound very good
Thanks all. It seems that this product category is heating up and custom install audio quality is catching up with the video side. I just visited my local dealer and he stated that Dali is coming out with an in wall version of their Euphonia series speaker. Great news...
The Legacys are really good. Listen if you can. It is unfair to call them in-walls [the Harmony anyway...have not heard the sconce].
At CES earlier this year, Wisdom Audio introduced an in wall line up of line source speakers. I have often heard some comparisons from others in regards to Dali and Wisdom probably because of the price ranges. I read a brief review in the Absolute Sound April/May issue about the Wisdom in walls being one of the best sounding rooms by one of the reviewers.
Sounds like I have several to choose from. The next trick is finding SF Bay Area or Washington DC Area dealers who have demos in their walls...