Infinity IRS Beta Room Requirements

I’m thinking about purchasing a pair of IRS Betas but am concerned about how much space they need for them to perform well so my purchase isn’t for nought. The dimensions of my room are 16’w x 17’d with 7.5’ ceilings. The one side of the room opens up to a space that is about 12’w x 10’d.

For comparison purposes, I currently own a pair of B&W 802 SII and Infinity Kappa 9. Both sound beautiful in their own ways, and are capable of very deep bass and don’t over power the room.

I have the IRS epsilons in a room that measures 19 L x 15 W x 7 H  the left side of the room opens up to a 10 x 10 room, I feel the room is too small for them, the Betas are even larger than my epsilons so I would think they would need a much larger room to open up.

Also, the Betas need more room than the epsilons because they are dipole and will need more space from the wall behind them.

The Beta’s have the best bass output I have ever heard, I also have K9’s and their bass output is nothing like that of Betas bass output, not even close.
I appreciate the info. I like the K9s, particularly their mids and highs but find their lower bass a little exaggerated. It may be hard for me to pass up on the Betas, they are at a decent price.  I’m thinking that if the don’t work out well, I can always resell and get my money back.

I’m curious, in your system what are you using the Adcoms for?
If they are at a good price grab them, 
I use the adcom's for the woofers on the epsilon and k9,  the forte 4a amp for the top of both speakers, I switch it back an forth between speakers.
I bet you dig the heck out of the Betas.  They will be super fun to own, play with and listen to.  I've have Infinity Renaissance 90's for years and  they just awesome.  Enjoy, John
I love those old school Infinitys!

I think I was maybe 19 or 20 and wandered into a hi-fi shop that had a pair of the Betas set up. They played Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" and it floored me. I had never heard music reproduced like that before.