Preamp with requirements 'from scratch' rig

I have the fortunate fun task of building a nearly from-zero system for my girlfriend and I to enjoy, total budget ~12k. This will be a dual-purpose system for music and movies, but music takes precedence and I'm approaching the design as such.

There are 5 pieces that currently exist that we will continue to use:
Denon 3808ci for surround processing and center/surround amplification (for now)
Oppo 83 player
3 Sonos Connects (one will be modded for the main room)

I get to pick the rest - speakers, amplification, pre and cables, and we're auditioning speakers this weekend. There's a pair of used JM Labs Electra 927 Be's for sale locally and they're definitely the front runner without hearing anything else. I've owned JM Labs in the past, and I love their sound although I haven't heard the Be tweeters before.
We're going to audition Paradigm Studio 100s, Revel F208s, Totem Forests and possibly some Dynaudios & B&Ws. The Totems will probably be ruled out because they're rear ported and placement is tricky in our room.

The amp will be paired to the speakers, but I'm blue sky thinking about a preamp now without having the speakers. I would like to delve into a tube pre with a SS amp, but that's not a requirement. My requirements for a pre are these:
1. Must have HT bypass, and preferably one that works with the unit turned off to save tube life.
2. Must have a phono stage
3. I would like it to have a line-level output for a sub, if I so choose, as well as the HT bypass, so a pair of outputs.

I've done some research and have come up with a short list of tubed pres that include:
Cary SLP 98P Formula One (new from Upscale Audio)
CJ PV15 (used here)
PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium w/phono stage (new from Upscale Audio)

A couple SS pres that I'd consider:
Yba Passion (if I could find one used, I'd buy it right now)
Ayre K-5x (used here)

I love the look of the Cary the best, but I'd be stretching my budget to get it new. I just may, because of my requirements and my gf likes the design, and I can choose a MM or MC phono.

What else should be on my list? I looked at the Supratek Chardonnay (new listing here on Audiogon currently) but it has no phono stage and Supratek may not be in business much longer/if at all.
I'll ask a more specific question, based on seeing a couple of ads today here on A'gon.

Can anyone tell me (in generalities, of course) what the sound would be like with the CJ PV-15 paired with a CJ MF-2500-A?

Awful good deal on those two pieces here today....less than the Cary SPL-98 for *both*
I think the Sound Valves VTP101 might have the features you're looking for.

They were designed with the HT enthusiast in mind. I have one myself, but only use it for audio. I never found a "did it all" system that I liked so I have a separate HT system in the same room. No compromise ever necessary and easier to upgrade the separates.

Unfortunately, the VTP101 is no longer in production. However, every once and a while I see one show up on ebay, but they seem to be in high demand and sell fast. I think some other companies filled the void when Sound Valves folded, just not sure who.

But, hopefully the review will give you something to think about.

If you can find something modern with the same features, I think you might enjoy it. Mine is quiet, plenty of gain, and the design is surprisingly sophisticated. Also easy to repair when the normal stuff wears out.
Thanks Heyraz. I decided to go the CJ route, and we're going to go Paradigm speakers. I'll post a Virtual System when it's complete.