Inexpensive Philips cdm-12 drive transport

The Philips cdm-12 transport is used in some of the best players. Is it used in an inexpensive player that I could use as a transport to match with a Bel Canto DAC-2? Thanks
I know it is used in the Music Hall MMF CD-25. This player can be found in the $450 - $480 range. Good luck!
Look for a McCormack SST a superb transport with the CDM 12 can be had used for less than $500.
If you go to the Digital Jitter home page they have a chart showing what player uses what drive transport.
Tsugury could you post the link for that Web page...
what's the www. for Digital Jitter?
should be link to digital jitter home page.
less than $500? depends on who is selling.
I checked out the Dig Jit web, could not retreive any useful info. However i did see that Philips makes a bunch of cdm 12 models. 12 12.1 12.3 12.6.., so which one are you buying? I mean if the player says cdm-12, you may not be getting the best cdm12. But i agree look for a player with the Philips cdm12.