Incredible improvement in sound quality

Ok, I am an old fart with a stereo. But my system sounds so much better tonight. Why? I went to my doctor today, as I do every six months (one of my favorite people)… and he noticed that one ear had a lot of wax. So, he had his nurse use a warm water irrigation device to clear it. Wow.

I use some drops, and work to keep my ear canals clear. But, for some reason I was not able to clear my right ear.

So, wow. My system sounds so much better. Sometimes you just need a professional. Although technically you can buy these devices for a couple hundred on line. You need to realize you need to use it.



Try vibrating the wax out next time:

first move both speakers so they are 24 inches apart,

then turn the drivers to face each other,

place your head in the "sweet spot" between the speakers,

turn volume to "11", stay in that position until your ear wax melts or your nose bleeds, whichever comes first. 😁



Just take a spoonful of it a day or whatever it says on bottle.


You’ve got a great sense of humour!!! perhaps that very same test methodology would help some ASR veterans and serfs of @amir_asr ​​​​​@kenjit to hear the very real differences in audio gear that was designed for the same headphone amps, integrated amps, power amps etc.

it can’t just be "audibly transparent." Else you have lost most of your hearing and only hear the lower midrange frequencies.

@macg19 My spouse is a PhD. who works with brains. Primarily through bio and neurofeedback. Our brains establish neuropathway patterns which can relate to for instance, epileptic seizures in children or yes, tinnitus. It is a brain neuropathway issue caused by any number of factors. That is why it is so hard to cure. In order to resolve it you need to alter the neuropathic pattern and establish a new pattern. Obviously she can explain it far better than I but it is important to understand that tinnitus is not an ear or “hearing” problem although we may want to believe that it is. I suffer from it also so no one should feel like the lone ranger here.

I’m 59 years old and have tried to brighten my system for 15 years with different changes.InDecember I got a comprehensive hearing and cognitive test and found my high frequencies were moderately too  severely damaged.  Ive been a singer in a band and a hunter all my life. I got a pair of Widex Moment 440’s and I  swear my system sounds like I am 21 again. Amazing.  Point is I waited way too long and enjoy my system way more   Protect what you have because it will eventually degrade with time

Good luck Willy-Tee