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What is your favorite album cover?
The Zombies Odessey and Oracle Perfect for the times! 
Pure analog system with high power
Best bang for the watt/buckParasound A21+ AmpParasound JC2 Preamp both for less than $4kReally good solid state equipment and resale is very good as wellthis system will drive nearly any speakerGood luck Willy-T 
Cat Scratch Fever?
FactsIn 2020 39,000,000 contracted the Flu.   20,000 diedFeb 2020 to Feb 2021 29,000,000 contracted Covid 520,000 diedSad but true 
What phono preamp are you using?
HelloI went through multiple phono pre’s before I popped on a Sutherland 20/20 with Lyra Delos cart.  If you want super quiet low noise and have potential for hum,the Sutherland is a good choice.  This is a great combo and I also just replaced a S... 
Tinnitus sufferer: is it the speakers or the 24bits/192kHz
Hey Sorendo you remember the dose and or purity of the Ginko?Ive tried it but it always gave me a headacheTablejockeyYes cbd will help the intensity.I have tried a number of them and the brand mentioned above was the only one that I could feel the... 
Tinnitus sufferer: is it the speakers or the 24bits/192kHz
HelloI too suffer from this condition and have found one thing that actually gives some relief and lowers the ringing Charlottes Webb cbd cbd is suppose to relax or dull your central nervous system and I believe this actually is how it reduces the... 
Back to vinyl need phono stage help!
Sutherland 20/20 with linear power supply for around $2200 lots of gain and impedance options super quiet and made inUSA. Have owned one for about 6 months and have had no issues and am very pleased good luckwilly-T 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
Versa-Clean is a pharmaceutical plastic cleaner and a whole liter is $19.36 Amazoni have used several solutions and 3 tablespoons per 1.5 gallons of distilled water is doing a great job and not costing a lot Willy-T 
Amp/Preamp Recommendations
Parasound JC2 $2000 used Parasound A21+ used $2500two tried and true pieces perfectly in you budgetgood luckWilly-T 
What Audio Religion have you converted others to successfully?
COVID Anger is rampant right nowshort fuses high blood pressure soon we can all be nice to each other again and understand we’re all in this togetherinhale on a 4 countexhale on a 4 count 
Speaker Positioning
http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/optimizing-the-soundstage-with-speaker-placement/Best placement info I have ever read.  Please readWilly-T 
Analog or Digital and why?
Either way  no matter what, people will always say that digital sounds sooooo analog or that high res file sounds sooooo much like vinyl.  Analog formats will always be the baseline or reference for discussions like this.Also in 30 years you look ... 
Hum with Ypsilon MC26L SUT that goes away with touching
I feel your pain and had the near same problem.Turn the power off at the breaker box then run a separate wire from the turntable ground  to the ground post in the wall socket then you should have a true uninterrupted groundalso you may want to mak... 
Looking for ideas on Lyra Delos - muddy middle
helloyou just described a magnetized cartridgeDemagnetize your cartridge and please let us know if it helpedGood luck Willy-T 
Mint LP Best Protractor
I have a scout and went through many alignment tools trying to avoid buying this http://www.feickert.org/index.php?id=17&L=1Go ahead and bite the bullet you will never look backstupid easy and stunning resultshave fun Willy-T