In-Wall Speaker Placement Question

I need alittle help. I'm putting my plasma above my fireplace due to the living room being narrow and if I were to put the tv on the other wall I would have to have my couch on top of the fireplace. So I start tearing out the drywall and studs around my fireplace to replace all the termite damage. I find that the bricks for my fireplace go up alittle more then I thought, So this takes away the idea of me putting the CWM650 center channel below the plasma. If I were to put the center channel below the plasma, the tv would be way too high.

So this is my problem.

Should I.....

1. Put the center channel flush against the wall above the plasma? Would this basically make having a center worthless, because its too high?
2. Put the center channel above the plasma but builg an angled box that I would drywall in to look alright(but not beautiful)?
3. How would a Kef Ci 200.2QT mounted in the ceiling mesh with all the cwm650's? This is the only speaker I could see using in this application.
4. Please give me some ideas!!!!

Thanks Guys/Gals
Personally, I would get the Martin Logan Therater i to mount on top of the plasma. The center speaker would be angle down. It sounds awesome and would be a great WOW factor. That speaker looks so sleek and sexy.
First, light a fire and see how warm it gets above the fireplace. You may need a bigger mantle to block the heat. Also, isn't that a little high for a tv? I would need to sit in a lazy boy to watch tv above my fireplace without getting a neck ache.
Speaker suggestions: Thiel point source are tiny and intended for ceiling mount. Get 3 for the front.
I am not a fan of over the top of the screen center channel. The higher it gets the more is reflects off the ceiling. Most of the time actors lips are on the lower third of the screen making below the screen center channel the most convincing center channel location. This becomes even more apparant as the screen size increases.

I recommend NO center channel, especially since you have a narrow room. Use phantom mode and two high quality speakers mounted on each side. There are plenty of threads on this subject if you search around. Here is one of them:

Since you have the wall open, pull an extra wire for a center just in case you change your mind. Some kind of conduit is a good idea and cheap insurance too.

That Martin Logan center might sound good, but it looks like somthing Darth Vader would have on his dashboard. Your wife will not approve I am sure.