In Praise of Spotify - Discover Weekly

Not wanting to take any position on sound quality but I have a Spotify account for background music and I find it invaluable as a source of recommendations for new artists. The weekly "Discover Weekly" playlist is very accurate and on average is turning up one or two new albums for me every week

In my opinion given all of these on line services offer the same catalog the quality of their recommendation algorithms is a major differentiator

The album I pulled this week which is an absolute gem is the Stephan König Trio "Bach in Jazz". Think Jacques Loussier but with more improvisation and a straight tenor vocal over many of the tracks. Amazing bass reproduction and a great mix, samples here

Anyway I'm really enjoying the tracks this playlist pulls up and then purchasing them on CD or LP for my main system downstairs
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I concur, Spotify offers amazing playlists. (I will search for the Stephan Konig).
I was using Pandora, but got disgusted with the repetition.
Between Spotify and Classics Online, I haven't loaded a CD in months.