Improving the Sound of the Merlin Super BAM

I have Merlin VSM-Mme's with a Super BAM that was recently upgraded (by Signature Sound of Syracuse, NY) with everything that is in the Master BAM except the ($800 for four - installed) Dueland capacitors.   I opened it up and put WA-Quantum large capacitor chips on each of the four Musicap capacitors, and a Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer in the bottom of the case (below the batteries and circuit board.  I may still have the Duelands (or something else) installed, but the WA-Quantum chips and Bybee Quantum Signal Enhnacer made an easy to hear improvement in clarity and tonality, and improved the bass response and lowered the noise floor slightly.  This was very easy to do - the battery and circuit boards slide easily in and out, and there is plenty of room for the Bybee device.   
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Would you mind sharing a bit more about installation procedure? feel free to send PM. Do these devices come with instructions? I am using dual Master BAMs. How much an improvement you gained after installation? Thanks.
If you unscrew and remove the BAM end plates and cushioning foam the battery and capacitor boards (which are connected by wires and therefore must be removed together) just slide easily out and back in.  I put VTS Tuning Dots and WA Quantum chips on all of the capacitors, and used velcro to attach the Bybee Quantum Signal Enhancer to the bottom of the BAM case on the battery side.  When you put it back together the battery board just slides in above the Bybee unit.  Note that if you want to put the Bybee unit under both the battery and capacitor boards you have to move the capacitor board up one slot in the BAM case (screws protrude from the bottom of the capacitor board), which is easy to do.

I have the Bybee devices in/on all of my components including speakers so it is hard to isolate the impact on just the BAM itself, but I would say that the improvement in just the BAM from these tweaks in the 15% range.