If You Liked The Jeff Beck DVD…

You need to check out the DVD by Johnny A. I just viewed it last night…Wow!

This guy is incredible – smooth, detailed, tone, tone, tone and phrasing. Think Wes Montgomery meets Kenny Burrell introduced to Hendrix, a’ la Danny Gatton meets Robben Ford!!!

Note: This is a live “concert” but there is no audience, other than the camera crew and the viewer of the DVD. Performing in a studio, Johnny does eight live versions of songs from his two albums – then, after each song, he discusses his technique with an interviewer. His playing is incredible and other than the fact that the energy level is much more low-key, sans the audience, the performances are well worth the purchase of this DVD. The audio on this DVD is exceptional.
Do you know the name of the DVD? Thanks
Check out this and some of the other videos on YouTube.

The DVD is Johnny A, "Taste - Tone - Space."
I bought his CD's soon as I heard about him.

He's definately original and to my liking, in certain ways reminds me a little of my other favorite, Denny Jiosa.
Johnny A plays Hendrix, Beck, Page, Marino, Vaughan and the rest, injecting his own improvs, makin it look fun and easy w/o break-in' a sweat, this guy's a bad-ass !
Thanks for the reply and link