If You Like Bill Evans, You'll like ....

Geoffrey Keezer, especially 'Turn Up The Quiet'

There's an awful lot of knowledgeable music lovers here on Audiogon; how about matching up a few, for the benefit of shining some light on lesser known artists and generally expanding our musical horizons?
If you like Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins or Coltrane, you'll like Booker Ervin. Excellent tenorman with a passionate, driving style. The new cd out (actually a reissue on the Blue Note Conn. Series), 'Tex Book Tenor', wouldn't be a bad start to get to know The Book better.

Other recs include;
The Freedom Sessions
The Book Cooks
The Trance
Structurally Sound
(but I haven't heard a bad BE album yet)

He also was a sideman for Mingus btw. Check out some of his late-50s, early-60s work there.

If you like Genesis,
Try Marillion and then Van Der Graaf Generator.

If you like Lounge Lizards, you should try Curlew or solo projects of George Cartwright. Try also some Pere Ubu.
Gradually you can transfer to Ambitious Lovers with Arto Lindsay and than transfer completely underground to John Zorn, Mike Ribot.

If you like Talking Heads, you should eventually make a transformation to a solo projects of Dave Byrne and than gradually advance to Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Benjamin Lew/Steve Brown and other centerpiece electronicas.

If you like Pat Metheny, you should realy dig on all ECM as much as possible.

If you like Bill Laswell... hmm... He's actually an interface between the most extraordinary and innovative musical crowd producing probably a record number of albums each year...

If you like U2, you might or MIGHTNOT like Cold Play.

If you like King Crimson or Frank Zappa, these guys eventually can show you the partial path to all paragraphs mentioned, cause that's where the music begins.