If You Like Bill Evans, You'll like ....

Geoffrey Keezer, especially 'Turn Up The Quiet'

There's an awful lot of knowledgeable music lovers here on Audiogon; how about matching up a few, for the benefit of shining some light on lesser known artists and generally expanding our musical horizons?
If you like Dexter Gordon, Sonny Rollins or Coltrane, you'll like Booker Ervin. Excellent tenorman with a passionate, driving style. The new cd out (actually a reissue on the Blue Note Conn. Series), 'Tex Book Tenor', wouldn't be a bad start to get to know The Book better.

Other recs include;
The Freedom Sessions
The Book Cooks
The Trance
Structurally Sound
(but I haven't heard a bad BE album yet)

He also was a sideman for Mingus btw. Check out some of his late-50s, early-60s work there.

If you like Genesis,
Try Marillion and then Van Der Graaf Generator.

If you like Lounge Lizards, you should try Curlew or solo projects of George Cartwright. Try also some Pere Ubu.
Gradually you can transfer to Ambitious Lovers with Arto Lindsay and than transfer completely underground to John Zorn, Mike Ribot.

If you like Talking Heads, you should eventually make a transformation to a solo projects of Dave Byrne and than gradually advance to Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Benjamin Lew/Steve Brown and other centerpiece electronicas.

If you like Pat Metheny, you should realy dig on all ECM as much as possible.

If you like Bill Laswell... hmm... He's actually an interface between the most extraordinary and innovative musical crowd producing probably a record number of albums each year...

If you like U2, you might or MIGHTNOT like Cold Play.

If you like King Crimson or Frank Zappa, these guys eventually can show you the partial path to all paragraphs mentioned, cause that's where the music begins.
Bill Evans

Rachel Z
Danielo Perez
his recorded interview and performance with Marian McPartland on her "Piano Jazz" series on Concord CD. It is interesting, and insightful and entertaining.

Oh, and you'll like............Chris Anderson
If you like Diana Krall, you will probably like Pat Barber, Holly Cole and Jane Monheit, so there will be no hope for you in this world.
Ah, Bill Evans. The three albums he did with Paul Motian and Scott LeFaro before he (Scott) died: Trio nirvana. Doesn't get better. Lefaro was a monster. Dead at 22? Car accident, I believe. Evans delicate touch of the ivories: sweetness....and Paul Motian? You talk of lightness of being on the skins? Tonight it's Waltz for Debbie.
Warren, that's positively poetic! And I agree completely, Paul Motian has the most amazing touch.
I sold jazz Cd's for 6 years andn had a store hit that was amazing in sales.Eddie Higgins "Haunted Haert".Pefrfect in very way with Ray Drummond on bass (damn brainfe\reeze is blocking drummer).Was based in Chicago durring late 50's/60's and fter playing ona a few Vee Jay LP's (a black owned label) he was even offered the piano seat in Art Blakey's Jazz Messsengers though he was white(remember early 60's was start of black power movement and Art must thought a hell of a lot of him since he would have gotten a lot of guff for hirring an "offay".Met him in the club he plays weekly in Fort Lauderdale where he now lives and told me he was good freinds with Bill Evans and played with all the greats as they came through Boston where he held the seat at a Hotel which was "the" spot for jazz.Played with MIles and just about everybody.But buy "Haunted Haert" you'll be blown away and if you donit the re[peat button immediately at the finish your not a jazz fan.He has gone on to record much along with the best in the buiness like Archie Sghepp,Hilton Ruiz,Marion Brownm,re-issues of Al Haig etc on one of the finest SOUNDING labels (including DCC ,Moblie Fidelity,JVC's XRCD etc) the Venues label out of Japan who use a "24 bit hyper magnum recoding system" and press CD's.LP's and LP's of the same titles.I reccomende this along with the Mappleshd labels CD by Clifford Joprdan "Live At Ethell's" which used there own cables ,modified mikes and NO BOARD to screw things up with EQ,expansion,compression, or filtering of any kind.Folks who bought thes two titles thought they had new stereo's the sound was so good.As a tgopper even though the sound quality wasn't quite up tp par my third pick (and then they were my customer zombies) was the CD "Unsung Hero" by Charlie Rouse.Those of you who have the Classic Records re-issue of "Yeah!" (where you do get phenomenal sound quality) have two thids of the LP the other tubnes comning from a LP he split withSelson Powell (another sax \hero).Buy these and you'll bne kvelling!!!!!.If you do get one of them or aone of the fantastic four CD'/LP's Archie Shepp did for Venus you'll remember chazz@berkshire.net for more tips.I'd put that Rouse Yeah up with the greatest Getz,Zoot or even Prez LP ever made.Bold staement so go out and buy these three and see if I am a fool or a genius.Buit anybody ho was a Bill Evans fan like I am I turned on to Eddie Higgins and that Haubted Heart " CD and made a hell of a lot of freinds.
Don't miss the recently issued Bill Evans: The Complete Village Recordings - a 3 CD set of everything that was put down that weekend. You are there right between the stage and the seats. Great liner notes too.

If you like sax, you gotta hear Ben Webster and Stanley Turrentine. Webster's Renaissance is considered one of the great recordings. Try Turrentine on Blue Hour With The Three Sounds.

If you like the pretty ladies, then check out some Peggy Lee. She put out a ton of product but I particularly recommend her 1988 album, Peggy Lee Sings The Blues (great band and arrangements) and her only live set Peggy At Basin Street East.

Another tremendous and often overlooked female vocalist is Maria Muldaur - my favorite is A Woman Alone With The Blues. Tremendous stuff.
Speaking of overlooked female vocalists: Anita Baker. Just don't hear about her enough. Man could she sing for a white girl. I believe she is still alive? Must be in her 80s. Oh, and a big yes to Ben Webster. Try Soulville on Verve, too. warren :)
"Ah, Bill Evans. The three albums he did with Paul Motian and Scott LeFaro before he (Scott) died: Trio nirvana. Doesn't get better. Lefaro was a monster. Dead at 22? Car accident, I believe. Evans delicate touch of the ivories: sweetness....and Paul Motian? You talk of lightness of being on the skins? Tonight it's Waltz for Debbie"

Warrenh- just picked up the 3 CD set with Scott & Paul. Paul's still going strong, try his new Garden Of Eden CD.

Has anyone heard Geoffrey Keezer's new live CD-Wildcrafted?
Portrait in Jazz/Sunday at the Village Vanguard/Waltz for Debbie on XRCD. Not vinyl, but with tubes, oh so close...
I have Bill Evans Trio "Waltz for Debbie" remastered in analog utilizing the 20bit K-2 Super Coding System on Riverside (RCD-9399-2).

It's scary.

I find myself trying to listen to the conversations being held at the bar behind me!
Okay, time for a little different perspective. Much as I like LeFaro's playing, Eddie Gomez playing on "Bill Evans at the Montreux Jazz Festival", floors me like no other. The sympathy that these players have for one another never fails to touch me. I could never, even for a second, listen to the crowd, every note holds me in an unbreakable spell.