Idol 2011

No need for "American Idol" detractors to read this thread. This is directed at those who like myself, enjoy listening to the talented contestants and following the show. I've been watching for many years and I think that this is by far the most talented bunch ever. Lauren, the 15 year old country singer is amazing as is Scotty, Pia, Haley, and Paul. It's a damn shame that the cds that are produced after the show are generally dumbed down and uninteresting.
I agree, most talented bunch ever. I think there are three or four of this year's group that would have won over the last four or five winners if they'd been competing in years past. Too bad they all showed up in the same group this year but it does make for a very entertaining show. You mention Pia-did you vote for her after Wednesday night's show? She's not my favorite but I was surprised to see her go last night.
I was really shocked that she was voted off and I think that it was all wrong. No accounting for taste.
I was shocked too. Of course everyone's tastes are different. But, for me, how Pia left before Paul and Jacob is a complete mystery.
"But, for me, how Pia left before Paul and Jacob is a complete mystery."

Females historically do most of the voting? My thought has been that the largest AI voter demographic is girls and young women. Therefore women contestants will sometimes be at a disadvantage in surviving these votes, and males (the opposite sex) will have an advantage. Pia's good voice and beauty are not as big an advantage to the majority of AI voters(females). Just my theory. Do you think if the majority of voters were boys and young men, Pia would have been voted off?
Foster_9 you're right, Pia's gone because young girls' votes are based on (silly) crushes. That's not to say that boys wouldn't vote in the same way.
I agree with the theory about girls/women doing most of the voting. I'm a middle aged guy. I watch the show with my wife. We love that show, but my wife definately does the voting. I'm bummed that Pia got voted off. She is great. Not to mention a total babe! But you know she got tons of valuable exposure and SOMEBODY will pick her up, sign her to a recording deal, make her a star. Look at Jennifer Hudson, or Chris Daughtry. Both of them have seen major success yet neither of them won the AI crown.
Personally I think America should get rid of Paul next. He drives me nuts for some reason. Just my opinion is all.
Ok, so Pia wasted no time getting snapped up for a record deal. Did everybody notice that she began the process of signing paperwork for a record deal with Jimmy Iovine (I think thats his name isn't it?) and Interscope records...just hours after she got booted off. Nobody was gonna let that talented beauty "flounder" for too long. Good for her!
Also, on Wednesday nights show (4-13), how's about contestant James Durbin doing Sammy Hagar's 1981 track "Heavy Metal" with none other than Zakk Wilde of Black Label Society on guitar!! I thought it was Badass. Then again I am an audiophile, AND a Metalhead as well.
Anybody else a B.L.S. fan out there?
Black Label Society..never heard of them, but I know that Durbin song was good. I've seen only about 15 minutes of the show this year but that Pia, the country girl, the country guy and that performance by Durbin were as good as anyone out there recording now.
"Foster_9 you're right, Pia's gone because young girls' votes are based on (silly) crushes. That's not to say that boys wouldn't vote in the same way"

Bander, I'm not too certain boys do vote or buy recordings in the same way reflecting back and trying to find examples in the history of pop music over the past 60 years. Could you give me an example of boys buying records because they have a "crush" on a female artist? Boys are wired differently. They like what they like based on peer influences probably as much as anything, at least the things they will ADMIT to liking.

Agreed Martinmobile about James's performance, a real special treat whether you are a metalhead or not.