Identifying EF86 Tubes

Hello all!

I'm a long time lurker here but posting for the first time. Am hoping to pick your brains here regarding some Dario Miniwatt EF86.

I'm based in south east Asia and a local vendor has these for sale.

From looking online, Darios seem to have a mesh plate and not "solid" plates like this. Wondering if any experts here will be able to shed some light on these?

Thank you so much!

Can't help with that exact tube, but here is a link for you to look through. Maybe you will find one that has the same internal structure.

On this page, click on all the "Click Here" to see many more pictures of different brands.

As tls49's link shows, I had a number of Phillips EF86 tubes that had the mesh plate, as in that picture.  My Telefunkens did not; I think my GECs did.  Not sure why the differences, but they all worked very well.