IcePower 1000 ASP Board

Does anyone know of a US retailer that sells Icepower 1000 ASP boards, I need a replacement board - a UK retailer is quoting $1350.

As far as I know B&O does not sell modules to the public (UK retailer is suspect at least - ask B&O). Amp manufacturers can buy them but minimum quatity is pretty high - in case of my amp module 200ASC it is 792pcs. You might find module on ebay but who is going to give you warranty? In addition modules might be tailor made for particular manufacturers (B&O does not allow mods - it's voiding warranty). Be sure that you won't end up with different versions in left and right channels.
You can only buy it direct, and they sell for $475 a piece, when I last needed about two months ago.
Looks like something is changing. Icepower does not exist as a subsidary of B&O (as of July 2008). Founder of Icepower Karsten Nielsen sold his 10% shares in Icepower to B&O (who owned remaining 90%) and left the company. Nielsens doctorate work started Icepower and he was the only person, in 70 years of B&O history to have shares (private company). Previously Icepower was not selling modules to public to better control quality/image of the company.
you can buy it from phil marchand, in marchand electronics on