I wrote Robert Majewski about his recording . . .

I posted yesterday about an absolutely stunning recording I'd run across on Youtube: "My One and Only Love," with Robert Majewski, Bobo Stensen, Palle Danielsson, and Joey Baron. I couldn't find it for sale anywhere, but before I asked my fellow Audiogoners how to find it (and Albert Porter kindly sent a couple of links), I wrote Robert Majewski himself. He sent me a very warm reply and has offered to send me the cd for free, since it's only on sale in Poland at the moment. How's that for responsiveness? Well, I may just take him up on it, though I'd very much like to pay him. In any case, hat's off to Mr. Majewski, who is not only a super fluegelhorn player, but a mensch!
I just listened to this recording. It is indeed stunning. Where can I contact Robert Majewski to get a copy?
Majewski was my mothers maiden name. Wonder if we are related (although I understand it is a fairly common name in Poland).

Hey, does that make me a mensch too?
Indeed, a name like "Majewski" is pretty common in Poland so the chance of you two being related is pretty slim. I know as I grew up there. But just by virtue of your mother having the same name you might get favorable treatment :)
Yes, a link to where I can hear this and obtain a copy would be great.
Albert Porter listed the links in the thread I started called "Holy Smoke. Robert Majewski, Bobo Stensen"

In the meantime, Majewski's webpage is here, and there's a contact link on the page.