Holy Smoke Majewski, Stensen, Baron. Stunning.

Just found this on Youtube while searching for a Bobo Stensen tune. It's from an album called "My One and Only Love," from Zair Records. Can't find it for sale anywhere, which is a shame, as this track makes clear.

Put in record title and musicians without listing the instruments. Try a Euro search engine such as Ixquick.

Here's what I turned up.

Here is a download: http://www.jayfan.com/Jazz/Robert-Majewski--Bobo-Stenson--Palle-Danielsson--Joey-Baron---My-One-And-Only-Love--2011--17048.html

HMV shows inbound this month as CD: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Robert-Majewski_000000000074891/item_My-One-And-Only-Love_5131479

If you don't want to wait for HMV, this small independent site appears to have the title in stock now:
Never heard anything with Bobo Stenson that wasn't great!

Good work Albert.