I would like impressions of Tekton Lore and Lore S

I have used the Tekton M-Lore and was very impressed. Considered getting a pair of Lore's for larger transducer and upgraded tweeter. I really like the character of the Eminence driver. I ran across a pair of Lore S's which Eric said I would find more refined. They are considering the European components and the top end is sweet but I can't get past not having that slap or slam that came out of the Eminence. Maybe I overshot my target and should step back to the Lore's? Anyone out there who has any thoughts on this matter your feedback would be appreciated. Sure miss those local Hi-Fi shops. I have been a musician and audiophile ie. nut since the 70's and have had it all. Tektons are the only speaker I will ever listen to for reasons to countless to mention. Let me say that E.A. has a special gift for what he does.
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Sort of a side question, but still related - without putting an email or phone number in a message, how did you communicate with Eric? I had a chance to pick up a pair of Lore-S speakers recently, but they weren't local so I'd have had to buy them blind without any listening or connecting to my own equipment. I wanted to ask him about system matching and my particular room setup, but I could not get a response from Tekton. Sent an email, waited 3 days. Then called, left a message, no response. I didn't get them, and regretted losing them over a lack of information. Do those of you who know him communicate through different channels, outside the website email and phone number? I still would like to try a pair of the Lore-S somewhere down the road. Is it literally just one guy, with nobody else to answer phone & email and do customer support?
I think you answered your own question,,, The Lore's will give you MORE of what the M Lore's give (dynamics and live sounding) and in Eric's own words the Lore S is a more "refined or HiFi-ish" sounding speaker.
I have the lore s. They are as described and I really like them. But I think the bass has less impact than the regular lore. If that's important to you, may not like the lore s.
I have had the Lore for about two and a half years now. After about a year I swapped with a guy who had bought the Lore S for about a week because his wife didn't like the finish on his Lore S, and we both wanted to try the other type of Lore. We agreed if either of us wanted to trade back, we would honor it and swap back no matter what.

In that couple weeks trial, it was clear from the first moment that the Lore S has more detail, dimensionality, and hi fit character than the base Lore. However, the Lore has a more energetic sound, and a soundstage that fills the room much better. It has a more "live" sound. For all the improvements with the Lore S, I couldn't live without those essential qualities of the Lore. Others may feel differently, but that's what I determined for my system and tastes.

It sounds like you might have similar tastes. You might certainly consider trying the Lore. In addition, several months ago I went ahead and rebuilt the crossovers with high quality capacitors and resistors and upgraded the internal wire to solid core silver. That made a big difference in the imaging and other audiophile characteristics while retaining the raw energy of the eminence driver. It certainly didn't close the gap on those items between Lore and Lore S, but it was a big improvement for sure. You might consider upgraded crossover components If you need the eminence presence and energy, but want a bit more of the audiophile character as well. And I didn't even go with the high cost mundorf silver level of capacitors, either, but a step or two below that in cost.
What is the low level dynamics and tone like for lower level listening compared to when the volume is up?
bcgator, I called Eric using the number on the website and he answered. We talked about the Pendragons which i'm considering to purchase. I'm reluctant to buy a speaker I haven't auditioned and the return policy says there's a 20% restocking fee not to mention shipping such a large speaker then if damaged in shipping a discount in the refund. That could be a costly price to pay should I not like them but Eric was a nice man to talk to. To say he is enthusiastic about building a great speaker is an understatement.
Has anyone heard or have any thoughts on the Lore Reference or the newer Impulse and/or Brilliance speakers?