I want to add a sub but have no AV reciever

I have an HDTV in the living room but am not going with a home theater set-up. (That will go downstairs later) I would like to add a sub though. Is there any simple way to do this. Can I just buy a powered sub and attach it to my "audio out" on my TV and let the amp and cross-over in the sub do the work?

1. Is the audio out analog (not digital)?

2. Can you use the audio out along with the built-in speakers that you are using now?

3. Can both the audio out and built-ins be controlled by the same volume control?

Yes x 3 means it is a go.

Some Sony TVs have audio out on TV controlled by TV volume control, most TVs do not.
Thanks Kal and Stanwal. I have a Vizio SV472XVT. I checked and yes to all your points.

Thanks again,
There are seld powered center channels with remote powered subs. Which might fir your need. It is mid fi at best. These are called SOUNDBARS
Thanks Kal and Stanwal. I have a Vizio SV472XVT. I checked and yes to all your points.

Hi Chris555.

I am a new Vizio dealer and I think you are not reading the manual correctly.

To send "line level" output through your sets RCA analog outputs, you will need to "turn OFF" the internal speakers.

This then will only send the signal to the SUB you will be using, and you will have no main speakers playing.

I'm afraid to do what you wish would require also going with a prepro of some type that would then route that signal to BOTH main speakers and SUB.

As mentioned by some, there are powered SOUNDBARS with Subs that can do this for you also. In fact Vizio make a couple.
Adding a sub to the poor speakers in the TV itself is not a very good arrangement, IMO. Poor speaker sound with bass amplified??

You might want to try this for relatively inexpensive but excellent sound: I have a Sony 52" LCD/LED TV and added a pair of Audioengine 5 powered speakers. These have a line out to attach a separate subwoofer if you want, though I feel I really don't need one since the Audioengine 5's have excellent and deep bass (-1.5db @50Hz and usable bass into the 30's).

The above works from the analog outs of the TV and works with the TV remote on and off and volume up and down just like the built in TV speakers.

I feel I have real high end sound, unlike the sound bars. And the Audioengine 5's are $325 with all connections and cables supplied. Love the sound everytime I turn on the TV!
Two channel only of course.
thnks Summitav and Dne. I will check out the manual tonight. I guess I could just plug the audio outs into my integrated. I never tried because my 2 channel speakers are no where close to the TV but this might tell me about the output from the audio outs. I like the audio engine idea also and will explore.

Thnx, Chris
Actually the Audio Engine are GREAT sounding and I use them in many instances, but they WILL NOT likely be usable with your Vizio.

Sony TV's sometimes allow you to shut the speakers off manually and still control volume via the TV Remote.

Most of the Vizios don't allow this, so you could use them, but you would have to control the volume manually.

Unless your Vizio is different than most of the other Vizio models, you need to check that before purchasing anything. Your idea to hook it up to your existing system will tell you.

Good luck.
OK, so I hooked up my TV to my 2 channel integrated. I can turn the TV speakers off or leave on and I can control the volume to the integrated with the TV volume either way. My TV allows this because you can set the analog audio out to be either fixed or variable. This function is independent of the the on/off control of the TV speakers. So I will either pick up a sub but may explore the Audio Engine 5 route also. I remain impressed with this TV. This brand was not on my radar but the 2XVT series was highly recommended on cnet so I did some research thought we would give it a try. So far we are quite happy with our purchase. It is the backlit LED version with local dimming and had good wireless internet connectivity and pretty good apps.

Glad you got a chance to try it to make sure, but I must apologize for giving you VERY incorrect information.

I have also been working with SAMSUNG screens a lot lately and totally had a Senior Moment and mentally swapped with the Vizio (because I have also been using Vizio Soundbars.

In any event it is some of the the SAMSUNG TV's that don't allow you to use your TV's remote when you go external.

Sorry if I confused you, or anyone else by suggesting it was the VIZIO's

And I agree that most of my clients enjoy their VIZIO's and the pricing is sure reasonable.
Hi Summitav

No problem. Thanks for your comment. Mostly I appreciate that agon members are interested enough and supportive enough to offer opinions and advice, even with simpler questions/problems like mine.