I Need Help With A Discontinued Cartridge

I would appreciate any help from Forum members on this. I have a AUDIOQUEST MC-5 moving coil cartridge with extremely low hours on it and I'm hoping somebody may have access to information as to the impedance of the cartridge. vinylengine.com shows a 1.4 mv output but it also shows a 47k impedance which is moving magnet. Anybody?????
A lot of high output MCs have a 47k ohm impedance load. Makes it easier to mate with standard MM inputs.
Mofimadness is correct . Almost all High Output MC Cartridges have a 47K impedence .

If you are unhappy with the sound and have the capabilities you could experiment with higher impedences of 10K and above .
Thanks Guys! I learn something new EVERY day!!
Almost all High Output MC Cartridges have a 47K impedance
Not sure that this is correct?
It is certainly the default impedance of many MM cartridges but most MCs, especially LOMCs in my experience, are far happier at impedencas from 100-1000 Ohms?
In fact my Halcro DM-10 preamp phonostage fixes the MC impedance input at 220 Ohms whilst allowing adjustable impedances for MMs from 10K to 60K Ohms.