I need help on this one

Okay, Most of the time I am very good at troubleshooting problems but, this one has me stumped. I have been using a Graham Slee Era Gold mkV with no problems for a few months now. I think this has been an outstanding unit.
Now here is the problem. In the last few months I have been through 3 different preamps. First a Rogue Magnum 99. No problem, everything sounded great. Sold the Rogue and bought a Blue Circle BC3. The Era Gold still worked fine but I didn't like the BC3 at all for my musical taste.
I got tired of dicking around and figured I wouldn't spend much time at home this summer and bought a AES/Cary AE-1 to hold me over until the fall season.
Now with the AES there is a very pronounced ssshhh through the AES when I select the channel for LP.
I have tried switching cables, I tried switching inputs. I tried a different elec. outlet for the Era Gold. Nothing I do gets rid of the ssshhh. It is noticeable at a volume setting of about 10 o'clock. Any ideas that I can try?
I have even tried grounding the Era Gold. I am wondering if there is some sort of incompatibility or something with the AES.
Why blame the product that has exhibited no problems.I would point the finger at the AES unit.
I agree, I feel it has to be the AES. But I was wondering if anyone could offer some technical assistance that would help me eliminate the problem.
maybe it's too obvious and crossed your mind more than once, but how about selling the bc3 and buying another 99 magnum? i imagine you can break even or better.
you admit that everyting sounded great way back whenever that was...
if it ain't broke...smoking or in flames, leave it alone.
Lets see if I can point you in the right direction, even though I don't have any experience with AES. The AES is a tube pre-amp, the ssshhh sound is only thru the phono section, and you probably have an MC cartridge with lowish output. Assuming that I'm right so far, what you are hearing is tube rush from a phono stage that doesn't have enuf gain for the cartridge you are using, ergo the tube noise. The for sure cure is to get a cartridge with higher output. The maybe cure is to get very low noise tubes for the tube stage of your preamp. And then again, maybe I haven't got a clue - but this is what you would hear in my system with a very low output MC cartridge.
I think you are close. I am using a Grado reference Sonata MM Cartridge though. It is a fairly high output. 4mV I believe. But the noise is there without the TT plugged into the Era Gold. So I am led to believe it is an issue with the gain of the Era Gold and the input of the AES unit.
There has to be some sort of mismatch between the two units. I just don't know if it is too much gain coming from the Graham or not enough. I guess I should do a little more studying and less guessing.
I had already sold the BC3 just like my original post stated. The Rogue Magnum 99 sounded very good. But, I am not totaly impressed with it. #1 there is no upgrade to the 99, and #2, I don't like tube rolling when the unit is built around a curcuit board design.
So another 99 is not in my game plan.