I need guidance :-

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I'm just reaching out for some advice.

First of all finding Audiogon has awoken a beast that I thought was put to rest many many years ago.. I'm sure this isn't new to some of you. I blame the new HDTV I got a few weeks ago. Thank you LG <- sarcasm

I have extensive knowledge in the automotive sound realm (not boom cars). I know it doesn't 100% carry over, but the fundamentals apply. This still leaves some questions. though.

I'm edging towards a 5.1 setup.

My listening habits would be 50/50 music and movies.

The current audio part of the system includes an Aragon one (recently added) pre/pro, GFA-535 II amp , Klipsch Kg 2.2 (happy but considering upgrade), and Energy EPS-150 powered sub.

The 535 II will run my rear surrounds (most likely) and I'm looking to set up the front stage. This is where my mind is swimming with practical vs. "ohhhh baby". I should mention that I live in a condo and achieving reference levels are never going to happen. I like where I live.

My BIG question is my front amp(s)... if I'm not able to achieve reference levels (which seems to be where the wheels hit the pavement) AND if it was your money, what would you do and why?

Thank you in advance for your input.


Given my listening environment circumstances, I just don't want my propensity to being a specification and label whore tendancies to cloud my judgement of practicality.

Thank you again!
Reference levels in a condo; what do your neighbors think? Or are you referring to reference level equipment/amps?
I've always stuck with the thought that you need the same speakers (or matched center) with the same amplification for your front three. Are you using the Klipsch for the fronts? Buy another pair to use one for the center?
If you want a 3 channel amp, regardless of power the B&K on audiogon for $500 is great. You could also go with a 5 channel and use it for the rears too. The final choice is to buy a 6 channel amp that is bridgeable to 3 channels. You don't need the power but why waste it?
Personally, I'd say sell the Adcom and go with 1 multichannel amp. You will be happier in the long run. The rears will blend better and the gain to all speakers will remain constant. If you don't have the same amps all around, the rears may not increase at the same rate as the fronts.
Sell the Adcom (nice amp but not multi)this will also increase your budget.
Either sell or buy more klipsch
The Energy is a great sub for the money.
I would reccomend a 5 channel amplifier. There are so many out there to choose from like Adcom, Sunfire, HK, Sony, Marantz, Linn . I would recearch here for the best deal as 7 channel is the HT flavor of the week so 5 channel amps are a steal and a great bang for the buck! Be sure to get a Blu-ray player too!
By reference levels I meant volume. So far my neighbors aren't bothered by me, but I try to be respectful.

I had started out looking at multi channel amps but went off course. As of this morning I was set on either 3 monos or a 3 ch monaural design for my mains and center, but I think you guys are right. The multi channel is the way to go. As I'm typing this I'm picturing a stack of amps that i really don't have room for.

Thank you everyone for the input! I'll keep you posted

Does anybody have an opinion or experience on these multi channel amps?

outlaw 770, 755, 7155, 7125, 7500

Acurus a125

I have my eye on the Aragon 2007 too, but i expect the price to jump pretty quickly when the auction nears its end.
Is it TOO LATE to convince your neighbors that you are DEAF?

I've run that game with great success. The idea of a DEAF audiophile seems never to occur to anyone as a wacky proposition.
They wouldn't buy it.. it might important to mention that there's a pro grade custom dj booth in my living room with a pair of mackie mr5's.. and they know I have it.. haha
Too late, than. You're done for!

When moving into a new apartment, I would turn it up too loud. Louder than I'd listen to it normally. When someone would complain......or I'd be out front hanging out drinking a beer, I'd go into my 'Deaf Act'. I got pretty good, too, and was able to play music comfortably loud. I would make a point of turning it down after say......8 or 9 pm, and NEVER play too early in the morning. Show some respect, after all!

If you can still muster a 'stack of amps', the Outlaw 2200 monobloc is a well though of piece. It is fairly compact, 200watts each and I think even has a balanced input. It runs A/B up to maybe 50 or 60 watts, far beyond what it sounds like you need. The more you buy, the better the deal, too.
You don't need loud power-you need clean, non-distorting power. Nice, high, effecient, clean power.

I have a NAD T775 for my 5.1 rig and it kicks butt (ask the neighbors-kidding-firewalls).
Outlaw is great for the money. Acurus is harsh in my opinion. On a budget, look for Anthem or B&K. Keep in mind that if you have really clean sound, you won't need to turn it up as loud to hear the details...
In case anybody was curious, I went with an Outlaw 755 and also just picked up some paradigm studio 20 v3's to replace my kg 2.2 mains. Should be here tomorrow:-)

I think the proper center for the Studio V20's is the cc-370 ??