I need advice on upgrading my DVD player

I currently use A Denon 3910 in my HT 7.2 setup, Mac mc207 amp, anthem avm30, paradigm sig4 & C3 for the fronts. I am trying to decide if I can further improve the sound (movies mostly but some CD's and SACD's) with a player upgrade. Currently i want to stay out of the blue ray game. I am considering a Denon 5910, Mac MVP 871, Arcam DV139, Esoteric. . . Or is the Denon 3910 close enough to its bigger brother or the others to not warrant the expense??
Are you using the Denon's analog outputs, or are you letting the AVM 30 process the audio for CD's and DVD's? If you're using the analog outputs, try a digital connection to the pre/pro and let it decode the DVD's and CD's. (You won't be able to do that for SACD.)

What is it about the sound that you currently don't like? Is it different from using other sources, such as a tuner or turntable?

If you do think that you want to upgrade the source, consider these possibilities:

1) Leave the Denon as it is and use the pre/pro to process the digital signals, or consider upgrading the pre/pro and continue to use the Denon as a transport
2) Consider an external DAC. This will basically only work for CD's, but will give you the flexibility of using computer-based audio, although you already have that to some extent using your pre/pro.
3) Change out the Denon 3910 for a "better" multi-format player. I can't comment on how the sound would differ with your current 3910.
4) Get the 3910 modded. There are a couple companies that do this.

I know that I've introduced more questions that answers, but I'm just trying to provide an overview of options.

I don't know about the other players you have mentioned.
I have the Arcam FMJ-139 and I think the picture is superb.
I have had her since she first came out and no troubles whatsoever.When Arcam comes out with new Blueray player,
june or july I might look into that.Supposedely around 4gs.
if they weren't coming out with that I'd be, and I am content
with the 139.
Thanks Michael for your comments.

I use the Denon in both analog pass through ( for SACD and CD's) and digital to my prepro for movies. I think it falls a bit short for music. I don't want to add another component to the system and am looking for a universal player replacement that could get me improved music playback. I guess my question is "do the above listed alternatives offer significantly improved sonics?
What happens when you use the pre/pro and digital connection for CD's? Do you find that it suits your tastes any better or worse?

What do you feel is deficient in the sound that you're currently getting through the Denon?

I prefer to pass my audio through for music. The dac's in the avm 30 are ok but i prefer to use the 6 channel analog input, it sounds to me better. The player is just lacking something. I just want more detail and a natural sound. I have an NAD m15 cd/sacd player in my upstairs 2 channel system that sounds so much better (of course it is a dedicated CD player and not a dvd player).
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May be worth considering picking up one of the new Lexicon RT-20s that are being sold around here for $1000 or so.

Anyone have thoughts on how the Lexicon compares to the Denon 5910?
My experience with Anthem pre/pros (the Statement D2 to be specific) is that they are relatively lean sounding in passing an analog signal even is by-pass mode.

I might suggest going to your local dealer and seeing if you can borrow a good preamp and seeing how you music sounds going that to determine if it is the AVM30 or the player as the Denon is not that bad a player.

Just a thought.