i need a 3 channel amp for B&W's HTM1 & 805N's....

i'm leaning towards the krell kav 3250. i understand it uses AB amps but my ears aren't keen enough to tell the diff. from a class A. i would also appreciate some suggestions for wires too. thanks , Josh
Many a/b amps operate in class A for the first 10 or 20 watts only. After that they are in class B only. (some verify this please). If you listen quietly, it may be noticable. The downside of pure class A amps is the heat and usually a lower output rating.

Therefor, if you don't really care about class A, then a class A/B amp won't matter anyway and a Class B is all you need?
"After that they are in class B only"

Elevick, that should have said "in class AB only" by definition a class AB amplifier is never in class B. AB here means a small overlap when one half of the sinewave switches over to the other. A class B amplifier would switch directly from one to the other without overlap.

Regarding 3-channel amplifiers, I like the Bryston 6B SST.