I have a question about my speakers

I have a Primare SPA 21 with 100 Watts per channel at 8 ohm, and 180 watts per channel at 4 ohm, and I would like to know that if I purchased a Magnepan 1.6, would my primare have enough power to drive the Magnepan 1.6, because this is my first time purchasing these products, so I don't know alot about them. Thank You again if someone can help me with my question.
I'm not familiar with the Primare SPA 21, but 180 watts into 4 ohms should be enough for the Maggie 1.6 for most people. Excellent speaker in my opinion.

It should do pretty good but you never know, I had a Manley Stingray which has 40 watts and in some ways it sounded more robust than my Rogue M120s which have 120 watts.The Rogue BTW, were not really enough for the 1.6s in my opinion, not really dynamic but had beautiful tone and focus.