I have a confession to make

I have an addiction, and I have to stop. I don't know if it is upgradeitis, or audiophileism. But I suddenly feel real bad. My wife who is the most wonderfull person in the world is even becoming concerned.
It all started one day looking for some speakers for my very modest home theatre set up in my living room. I wanted to be able to enjoy music also. Low end Sony CD player you know. I was using these God awful Fischer speakers with 15" woofers.
Well, that was about 5 years ago. Now $40,000.00 later, I have a dedicated HT room and A dedicated Tube based listening room. I don't make this kind of money to be doing this. What the hell is my problem ? The Vpi record washing machine was the last straw for my wife. "$500 to wash a record? You have a serious problem". She is right,what the hell am I doing? But I continue to look at what is for sale. What would be better than what I have?
Please I beg all of you, If you receive a email from me wanting to buy your product, please delete my email. If you see any of my products for sale, please don't make an offer. I need friggin help here man.
I have to realize that there can always be better than what I have. Just enjoy what the heck I have and be done with it. Masn this is one sick addiction.
Sorry I thought that the brutal approach might actually help - as you seemed to be in some sort of audiophile trouble, and of need of a little frank talk.
Actually there was a lot of truth to my sickness, which I think is surely shared by many here. I will stop soon, I can't imagine continuing forever. But I am not actually in any trouble. I just get caught up in things and go beyond the extreme sometimes. I actually grew up pretty poor. Anything that I needed, I stole. Along with being young and poor. You end up living in a less than ideal area with less than ideal buddies. So, I am making up for it in life now.

About the consumer debt. I have just one credit card. That has about $7000 on it. Thats it. I try not to charge anything to be honest. I have in the past gotten over my head with credit cards before. Almost everything my wife and I buy, we use a debit card now. If we don't have the money for it, we really need to justify the purchase.
You are very healthy.
Take it easy, and enjoy good life and good music.
I guess your "confession" sounded more desperate than you really are. Whatever. Yet, there are a lot of posts similar to yours.
I know one thing. I listen to great music on a darn good stereo and it makes me really happy to do that. Being miserable or feeling bad about it is the farthest thing from my mind. If something makes you unhappy, don't do it.