I've a confession to make don't tell my wife

Well I've been living with my Nautilus 803s for a couple of years now. They're placed on the carpet about 9' apart and about 15' back from my listening postion with plenty of space behind them. In the packaging there were a couple of (wimpy) jumper cables and some silver pointed thingys. Well I just put those pointed thingys on the bottom of my speakers. The speakers were great before, fantastic now.

Please forgive me.
Yep! Points and vibration control can do wonders for speakers, stands (including audio and speaker) and components.
Well, you're almost there. Now, that you've gotten a taste of what mediocre coupling can do for your speakers; put audiopoints under your speakers, instead of those "silver" jammies for killer coupling. Then, (but you don't have to wait until "then") while you're ordering your audiopoints for your speakers, get them for your electronics, as well. Couple your whole damn system. You'll really know what fantastic is after that. Audiopoints.com to be set free. Robert is the man over there. peace, warren
Whew! When I saw your topic line I thought maybe you had discovered the joys of the port hole.

Hey relax, I'm just kidding. I can't believe you went a couple of years without using them. I tried the on the first pair of speaker I bought that came with them over 15 years ago and was immediately impressed. Ah heck, your forgiven. Welcome to the club.

I second Warren. I just put the Audiopoints under my Meadowlarks and the transformation was amazing. Previously I had the standard factory points, then came some aluminum tiptoes( which improved things quite a lot ) but then the Audiopoints, and "WOW!!" Amazing difference. I was initially very sceptical before the Audiopoints, but I'm sold 100% now. I'll be ordering some more soon.Robert is the man.
Please let me use this thread to ask a question. I have my 802s on a hardwood floor and need to slide one out about a foot or so for serious listening. If I put audiopoints on those teflon "sliders" made for furniture would that defeat the purpose?
Yes Tonyp54, the purpose would be defeated! You would have to use the audio coupling disk, and lift and carry your speaker to where you want it. Or make a small set of wheels for easy of transportation and then remove etc.
How do you use these point if not with something to protect floors.Many of of us have wood floors to protect.Anyway these points may be good but if somebody has wood floors the thing for 803' (and my guess is larger speakers as well) is to get Sound Anchors "stands" for them.Yes I know it's a floor standing speaker but these bases are about 5-6" tall and have points underneath them.They also have indents for the factory spikes to rest on.Anyway you egt the coupling and the very heavy solid iron mass that makes it night and day.I have always thought that Bob Warzalla made the best line of stands for Maggies,Quads,etc but they were considered for many years THE stand for even the large 801's and 802's.Hell I bought a used pair of 802III's and before I left the store after having made the deal the owner had a used pair out back and gave them to me for free saying that it wouldn't be fair to sell B&W's without them that the speaker would not sound anywhere near there potential.Get a pair on trial form a dealer and get those points.My guess is you'll return the points or put them under a different component.
I recently added some points to my speakers. I was impressed with the improvment in midrange. But I lost a significant amount of sparkle on the top end. I am not torn on keeping the points or not.
I totally agree with Chazzbo, after having had 2 different sets of speakers on Sound Anchors. I had them make custom cradle stands for my Alon V's, and the additional mass and 3 point support system bettered the focus of the speaker and tightened the bass. I can't imagine how you would lose high end extension by using these stands, as they significantly improved both my B&W M803's and my Alon V MkII's. I use the spikes on Sound Anchor's "cone coasters," which are quite heavy and have a pad of sorts on the bottom. That makes it very easy to slide them into a better listening position on my hardwood floors. As an aside, I also tried audio points on the 803's, and thought the Sound Anchors were better in several areas, specifically due to the additional mass, and the 3 point (instead of 4 point) loading. As a final benefit, they protect the base of the speaker from vacuums, kicking feet, and other domestic hazards. Highly recommended! - Tim
And if you think that points improve the sound of speakers, try using Aurios isolation bearings under them and you'll never go back to any kind of cones again!
Don't forget about the idea of coupling your entire system. You've got nothing to lose. Audiopoints?- don't like 'em? Send them back for a refund. Can't beat that. You won't return 'em. Your tympanics are going to tingle. peace, warren
Mitch: Did you try audiopoints under the Sound Anchors or just under the 803? I am a fan of both Sound Anchors and audiopoints, but I haven't tried them together. Anyone?
test your speakers using several different brands of cones the differences can be drastic had Mirage M1 Si speakers one brand sounded absolutely great the others sounded terrible I couldn't believe how much different they could sound. So experiment.
Try mapleshade cones under speakers then get triple points cone for all componets, will sound like you spent $$$$ on componets! www.mapleshaderecords.com
Happy Listening!