I have $1200 for a CDP Which one and why?

I was really looking forward to buying the Rega Apollo until I saw the thread about the anomalies and problems with some of the units. I have a DK integrated and some new Neat Motive II speakers. I am currently running an older Onkyo CDP. I am not picky - I am not a sound snob (at least I do not think I am) I just want something bullet-proof, basic, with a remote, and a joy to listen to. I am new into this crack-like addictive hobby - so be gentle!
Spend it on a computer with a fat HD (or 2) and a Slim Devices SqueezeBox 3. CDP's are OBSOLETE.

Can't go wrong with a Music Hall cdp for around $500-$600, you'll have alot left over too.

Obviously Doak's response is not true.

What kind of cabling do you have?

Can't agree with that statement.

Mattcone, get yourself an Arcam FMJ CD23 and don't look back. Good looking, great sounding and well built. Simple enough to operate you don't need to ask a teenager's help. $800 to $1000 used. Buy some nice XRCDs or HDCDs with the difference. Live happily ever after.
Buy a used Rega Jupiter 2000 - sweet, detailed, dynamic, musical, involving - a pleasure to listen to for hours. And, the new Apollo seems to be depressing their price on the used market; a good time to buy.
Purchase the Rega Apollo!

I also read the threads and posts and took the plunge. You need to find a dealer who will back up the player if you have a problem. I have had no problems at all. Oh yeah, I have a Jupiter and Planet2000. The Apollo is very good and in some areas beats my Jupiter; if I had to choose between all the units, I would go with the Apollo.

The only thing you need to get used to, if you are already or have been a Rega owner, is to make sure you push the cd down onto the three ball bearings. Dang,...if I didn't mess that up a couple of times (while A/B'ing it against the Jupiter) but it did not hurt the cds. I orginally was one who was worried about the new ball-bearing mechanism possibly scratching cds since it occured with a portable unit I had. I tried ever possible way to mess up a test cd and never scratched it.

The unit does take about 70 hours to settle in and once it does you will be amazed at what you hear for a sub $1000 unit.

Serious, find a supportive dealer and purchase one. Most dealers can't keep them in stock. It can't hurt to try it and several dealers are so confident in the unit they will even give you a 30-day money back guarentee.