Hydra 6 Placement/vibration

I recently bought a Hydra 6 and I also bought 3 specially made spikes from Galen Carol Audio. These replace the rubber feet. I have no other place but the floor to put the Hydra. I noticed that when 6 PCs are attached, some heavy, that the Hydra wants to tip backward so the front spike is not touching the floor. This must be common and probably worse when placed on a shelf. I added a few supports under the cables to take the weight off. I also placed a heavy weight (15lb sand bag) on top of the Hydra.

My questions are:
Is it bad to weight the Hydra down? It makes the spikes have really solid contact with the floor. Or is the point (no pun) of spikes to make the unit barely contact the floor?

Is there a simple base I can put the Hydra on like a piece of hardwood that would be better than the floor?

Just trying to get the most out of the Hydra.
Dont weight the Hydra down..Place something under the cables to suspend them of the floor and it will automatically take the pressure off the Hydra..I use Telephone Pole Insulators to keep wires from drooping and touching the floor..You can use any home made device to prop up your cables behind your Hydra...Styrofoam Coffee cups ( with groove for wires ) or any simple device to take the pressure off the wires...
Talked to grant about iso and he said a good thick cutting board or the like is all you need??goodluck.
Is it better to buy spikes for Hydra or separate shelf (like the one for power amps)?