Hybrid integrated, best of both worlds?

I am thinking about my next amp, which will be integrated. There are so many good designs now, saving on space cost and cables. I am using a Viva Solista, 22 watts of 845 SET and the best amplification I have had in my system, by a long way, a hard act to follow. So why change? Well it is a big ugly brute, my wife hates and it runs too hot to be practical in Summer. Although pwerful as a SET, it does limit speaker choice. I use Acoustic Zen Adagios, at 89db sensitivity and flat 6ohm impedence, which is just about the minimum sensitivity you can use with the amp. Even then, I am sure I am loosing some width of soundstage for example, but happily exchange that for the speed musicality and transparency this amp has.

So what are the alternatives in the $4000 to 10000 range, second hand. Having used very good SS amps, the Lavardin IT and Karan K180, they still can't approach the sound of tubes for me. So it will have to be a Push Pull amp or Hybrid with tube pre amp stage.
Some amps I have heard and liked, if only briefly:
Jadis Orchestra or DA 88
VAC Avatar or Phi Beta
Emille KI 240
There are many others I have'nt heard, Cary and Jolida for example.
The alternative is to look at a quality hybrid. Two that spring to mind are:
Pathos Logos
LSA VS1 reference or statement
Of all of them the LSA seems most intriguing. I have heard it briefly at a show and liked it. In the long term, I am not sure how much of the virtues of tubes it retains. Has anyone any thoughts, in particular, whether the extra for the Statement is value for money? thanks
You really should consider the Luxman L-590A. It will change your thinking regarding solid state.
If I was in your situation, I'd look for a VAC Avatar or the Phi Beta integrated amp. They rarely pop up for sale on the used market, and for good reason.

Since I identified the Avatar as my integrated of choice a few month back I have seen 4 for sale here. Haven't pulled the trigger on one yet as I'm still procrastinating on a few things. I'm very confident though one will pop up. Comes with a phono stage too, which prompted me to sell my K&K.

I also like the Pathos Logos, the new Luxman line, and the TRL ST-225, the latter two are solid state, but are extremely musical. Another one to look for is a Joule Electra Vamp. Well below your budget, but excellent, although maintenance can be an issue since Joule won't service them anymore.
If you are managing with a 22wpc Viva Solista, I would try to find a Pathos Twin Towers Reference. At about 35wpc Pure Class A and 6ohm speakers, it would make a great combo. I have owned it and the Pathos Logos and there is no comparison, assuming that you could live without the 120wpc of the Logos that is.
The TTRR also has a tubed front end and is very receptive to tube rolling.
Good luck in your quest.
There is a thread on the discussion forum specific to the TRL ST 225 and the fellow who initiated this thread had some very sophisticated and capable separates which he sold upon acquiring a 225.I've found Bills opinions are pretty much on point and if he gushes about something its gotta be special.
The MF top designs are also not to be ignored at a lower price, I have one and it sounds good even compared to my CJ 650.