Hybrid amps, best of both worlds?

As I see it, you have tube amps, SS amps and then there are hybrids. Tubes and SS have their own properties, but hybrids are supposed to combine the best of both worlds. They are sort of like tube preamp and SS amp. Anyone have one they really like? How about Van Alstyne stuff?
The Hybrid Lamm M1.1 amps could be some of the best amps (SS/tube/or Hybrid) ever designed so far period.

It is one way to have more power than a typical tube amp, and still have tubes in the signal path for more bloom, etc.
Conrad Johnson had their 200 watt EV2000.

Blue Circle has a couple new hybrid amps on the market; the BC24 (80 watts) and BC28 (120 watts). BC's old hybrid amp was the BC6, which was 25 watts and does not fit my power scenario above.
I would HIGHLY recommend The Music Reference RM-200 and so does The April 2002 Stereophile Review which is available online.A Beautiful and reliable amp that drives low loads if needed very well.Nice Tube bloom throught but not a lush sound.Used here in the$2000 range.List is around $3500.After Tok20000's statement,I think I should listen to the Lamm myself.What price range is the Lamm in Tok?
A lot of hybrids have tubes in the imput stage and mos fets in the out put stage. This usually offers on some of the best of both worlds. You just have to listen to them to see if it works with your speakers.
Jdlepera, get out your check book - the Lamms approach and/or exceed 10K. They aught to sound good.
The Music Reference RM-200 has a Tube output[Preferable IMHO].Lamms in 10K range,I'm out!If you are looking for a more accurate sound, this is your amp.Lush,Romantic veiled in any way look elsewhere.I listen mostly to Prog,Blues Rock,Electronic.Also some Older Jazz and symphonic Classical[Mahler].I need an amp that can keep up the pace and this one sure does.Read the reviews and search archives.FYI I use a Bat VK-3i or A Music Reference Pre or no Pre at all as My SACD/CD Tube output player can control my volume.
Llanno "Trinity" 300, or 200. Reasonably priced, built like a tank, features that even the Lamm amps don't have (such as seperate power cord/supply for the single-ended Triode front end).

Check out the web site www.llanodesign.com

I have owned CJ Evolution 2000, Counterpoint 400s, ad infinitum.....

The Llanno by Randy White is by far the most "musical" with a pleathora of options for the single ended triode tube selection.

"Current"-ly driving my M.L. Odyssey's with GREAT results.
The Unison Research Unico hybrid integrated amp (80 wpc) is worthy of consideration at the lower end of the price scale ($1395).
If you want an answer about Van Alstine, go to Audio Asylum
I second the Llano Design Trinity hybrid amps. Sort of a "poor man's Lamm". You can occasionally find them used, but Llano also offers an in-home trial. Another advantage of Llano is that a wide variety of tube types can be used in its input stage, to "tune" the sound of the amp. It has good SS control of most speakers, and lots of power (200W & 300W models available). I was a Counterpoint owner for many years, and the Llano definitely improves upon that design. I use two Llano amps to biamp Maggie MG3.6's. Haven't heard the newer Counterpoint designs (called Aria) or Blue Circle, but people are saying good things about these modestly-priced hybrid amps.