HT speaker system for $1000?

I am looking for suggestions for a HT speaker system for less that $1000.
How big is the room? If you can get away with small speakers, try Athena bookshelves. Polk's smaller speaker systems don't sound bad. If you are going to listen to music on this system a lot, you might audition floorstanders and add as you go. 5 identical speakers usually sound best for HT. PSB and Paradigm aren't bad. Don't skimp on the subwoofer though. Decent bass is expensive. You might do better if you go used here on the Gon. That is about all I can tell you with little info. Good luck Dan
room size? Acoustics? Setup/layout? One seat/multiple seats?
Any music dubties? If so, moving around the house, or stationary listening? Play loud? What speaker systems have you heard in the past that you liked? Is decor/asthetics an issue? Dedicated room? Do you need to mount speeakers or use inwalls?
Most multi channel tracks on movies aren't properly recorded. I find them very annoying. Even the engineers on SM 3 and Pirates failed to get it right. You're better off upgrading your selection of 2 channel and a powered sub with a an outboard crossover like a DBX 223. You'll be amazed!
I feel this will be somewhat dependent on the Amplification or receiver your using..

Polks are really good for the money.. Mostly perform best with DENON and MARANTZ, Definatley polk with these 2

Also Infinities, and JBL's do pretty good, but mostly cost more and don't sound as good for the value compared to most of the polks in my opinion...

If you want to go with nearing what you can hear in a real theater, or Really live sounding music surround... Used KLIPSCH Speakers are about the most efficient and dynamic sounding anywhere near the price on the market... NEW you might have a problem getting a Whole set including a Sub for 1000 bucks... Used condition it is possible. Klipsch is used in many theaters, funny thing is I mostly see them in Sony and Imax theaters, I have Klipsch now after tons of combos in the past, and they are Relativley cheap, semi compact, and most cost effective with the lowest Power requirements from a receiver I have heard, most models are about 100 db efficient which means with 10 watts you will be at rock concert levels, many speakers in the small bookshelfs in this price range have much difficulty with this...

However Klipsch are not the best match for Denon type receivers, but you can use the Equalizer settings to adjust and make them work pretty well... They work Best with some of the onkyos and mostly believe it or not the JVC Digital and older A-B Surround Amps.
"Klipsch are not the best match for Denon type receivers, but you can use the Equalizer settings to adjust and make them work pretty well."(undertow)

I DISAGREE!!!! The Klipsch's tend to be a bit hot on the trebble, if a tad bright some times. The Denon is a bit rolled off on top, and relaxed in the trebble, with a warm boddied sound. I personally think those two are a great match for receiver and speaker combo!!!
Anyone else care to chime in here? I've sold both lines for years, and that's the trend, anyway
Flrnlamb, Denon is a bit steril sounding receiver, I have had the 3805 recently, and other denons before that.. This works great with most soft dome tweets and normal dynamic drive speakers.. However not the greatest match with horns, so sure the Klipsch can in fact be a bit "Hot" as you say I don't disagree, but a denon does not help this is all my point was...

JVC, some Pioneers, Onkyo's, and some others is all I stated could match better with klipsch, and the horns are rather tame.. .Best match for denons I have found is the Polks for this price range. So please re-read my response and the Original posters question, and I was simply Speculating as we don't even know what receiver the originator of this thread owns.

As For mid fi stuff, Trust me the JVC and Onkyos for example are far more Warm and horn friendly type receivers over denon in many cases was all I pointed out.. But I was not downing any brand, just stating my thoughts on best matches.. And yes Denon can work no doubt, but I definatley find the sound thinner with Klipsch, and definate need for subwoofer at all times vs. some of the other receivers that can work better with Horns alone for example.. Thats all no big deal.

Also, I will say that I use to sell both brands as well, We also carried PRoceed, Sunfire, mcintosh.. All of those with klipsch which of course being far more costly than the denons worked better overall... At the time Definitive Technologys were an excellent match for Denon, again a very smooth dynamic drive speaker system opposed to the Reference series Klipsch. Not here to prove anything, however till you hear 90% of the run of the mill combos that most Retailers carry in all mixes some will just not know, I was simply relaying my overall impression of best matching.
Sorry for the confusion, Good luck
"Denon is a bit steril sounding receiver,... This works great with most soft dome tweets and normal dynamic drive speakers.. However not the greatest match with horns,...(Undertow)
"As For mid fi stuff, Trust me the JVC and Onkyos for example are far more Warm and horn friendly type receivers over denon in many cases..." (Undertow)

Undertow, I'm not getting argumentitive here, but only reflecting on the 10 years I've been selling Denon products!
That, and every reviewer would differ frpm you on the Denon. Infat, here's an excerpt from some reviews on Denons. Infact, I defy you to find ANY review that says what you're infering here, sorry to say. But just my experience and oppinion...

("The Denon was never harsh or etched sounding, in fact, just the opposite. The sound was warm, but extended, with no hint of brightness. Forced to compare this Denon to my memory, the Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi may have had just the slightest edge in clarity and air, and even a bit more jump. But the Denon countered with a more forgiving, but hardly saccharin sound that was always enjoyable and equally visceral.
The combination of the Denon receiver and the Hsu HB-1 (HORN LOADED SPEAKERS!) speakers is an easily recommendable solution for someone who wants great sound.")(Ultimate AV magazine review of the 4806 Denon)

Undetow, here's a professinal reviewer saying JUST THE OPPOSITE!!! Infact mentioning the Denon as not sterile or etched sounding at all!--infact, warm sounding, and a good match with horn speakers!!!! Let's look at another Denon Receiver review...

"Immediately, I noticed a SMOOTHNESS AND EASE to the sound that I usually associate with much more expensive equipment...""...There was no sense of strain and really no sense of anything getting in the way. It was an even and balanced presentation, with nothing seemingly out of place. The bass was assertive and quick, with little to no signs of bloat, the midrange was rich without sacrificing clarity and the highs were crisp and lively and didn’t once become harsh or fatiguing." (A/V Revolution Magazine review of Denon 2807)

Here's one from a review on your 3805, Undertow:

"Its sound was on the smoother side and had a lightly rolled off top end (BTW, perfect complement attribute for brighter souding Klipsch horns speakers!), so if you are sick of brightness in your system,(Remember, Klipschs are a bit bright) ear-bleeding due to harsh-sounding CDs or DVDs, or general fatigue, then this receiver might be a great solution for you." (Audiophile Audition mag reivew on 3805)

Again, no Denon review I've ever seen will say the things sound harsh, bright, brittle, foreward, zippy, or a bad match with bright speakers!!! Infact, they always say Denon's are warm, full boddied, slightly rolled off, forgiving sounding receivers!..always!)

Maybe you got a Bad 3805, or your system /room might be bright???
Okay, I will say this.. Sometimes many will hear one thing that is good till one much better is heard, and until then many will benchmark off a very popular and very decent souding combo... I have Zero disagreement to the denon can work just fine, I said I feel there is "BETTER" matching to a further note... Depending on the price range in question.

Denon in my experience will just sound Better for the money with a POLK, Some Infinity, JBL, Definitive Tech., ENergy, Dynaudio, Etc.. Type speakers in the long run.. But if you want very Dynamic and resonably priced Klipsch, there are Much better choices of amplification. Thats all, I really am not emphasising anything, it was blown up from a single line comment, that does have much basis and applicable to what I feel is a better choice, not that others are impossible to use...

Again not sure of the argument or non argument.. I can find several links of people that have gone up a level from the basic street price Denon of 800 to 1500 and state they also can find far better matches with klipsch, Mainly Klipsch is sold in TONS of the same stores as Denon, they are both Huge Brands no doubt.. I also can say right now, there is a 300 dollar JVC receiver that simply embarrases the denon with klipsch, however the Polk or others on the Denon competes pretty well and equal as well..

Sorry to the original poster, I meant to just give a little direction, try something for yourself, we still don't even know the receiver being questioned here, I just threw out some common combos to help.
By the way for further clarification, Denon has superior interface, functions, and build to many units.. And is resonably priced, this was not in question.. it is about the amplification section vs. a type of speaker.. Absolutley denon is a great brand, and can be nearly perfect like the Mark levinson system with the best matched speaker.. I was never saying that, hell from the reviews you posted we all know they are respected receivers, that was not the point.

Again TONS of the audio video stores Carry both these brands in question, well any of the ones left that have not closed already anyway.. That has nothing to do with the synergy of them together, thats because they are just about the top two, Semi custom, Mid moving to hi end brands in the U.S. There are probably more Denon and Klipsch on the street in peoples homes than anything no doubt.. Even best buy somehow picked up the low end klipsch lines now. Point was that does not mean they are the best possible combo, most will not necessarily know that either, some love the combo, I can guarantee you if you have a Mcintosh system it will be true heaven with klipsch surround, but its a whole different world and cost. Again that was not the tone of my original post.