HSU VTF-2 MK 2 - How is the quality these days?

In the market for new sub. Have been interested in HSU VTF-2 for some time now HOWEVER I have heard that the quality of the HSU subs have gone down hill. Is this the case? How does the VTF-2 MK2 compare to the older VTF-2 that received all of the great reviews?

Any other subs in the price range worth looking at?

Thanks in advance!!
I have owned a VTF-3 MK2 for two years, which I purchased new. It is used for several hours weekly and has performed flawlessly. Build quality is excellent as is the sound. Cannot tell you specifically about the VTF-2, but my extensive research before the purchase led me to believe that the MK2 was an improvement over the earlier version. Regardless, I don't see how you could go wrong with either. There are other choices, but nothing comes close to HSU for anywhere near the price even if you buy new at retail. Dr. Hsu has been specializing in subwoofers for a very long time and knows his business. If you are planning to use it in a 2 channel music system you may want to spend more and look for a used REL. I use mine in my second system, which is surround and used primarily for movie soundtracks for which I think the HSU is a better choice.
I cannot speak to this sub specifically, but, as above, I have used the VTF-3 Mark II for two years and it is trouble-free. I enjoy it very much. The staff at Hsu are very responsive and have integrity. I have faith that they would not compromise their quality in any way. The fact that there has been no response may be an indication. Try AVS forum, but be aware that competitors lurk there. Make sure the posters are real people. I personally would buy from Hsu again without hesitation.
I had the old VTF-2 mk1, and then upgraded to the VTF-3 MK2. Eventhough the VTF3 has more output, and is punchier, I still preferred the VTF2. The bass was smoother and integrated better. I wish I would have kept the VTF2.