How well do Kitty Kat Revelators Image?

I have owned Allison speakers for 30 years and think they're great, but want to move on to a newer generation of close to the wall speakers and the Kitty Kats are always on everybody's list. However, I've never seen a review in any audio magazine, they seem to be under the mainstream radar and I guess I wonder why: also, how do they subvert the laws of physics to image against the wall, or don't they? Any comments from users would be appreciated.
I guess they are indeed under the radar:)
A private investigator is needed here no police precint would take the case due to jusdiction issues.
I retract my subversion accusation. Would I then get a response, do you think?
Never heard of them until now.
Me niether in all honesty, Didn't mean to insult you and should not have had fun at your expense. I hope I have made ammends.
Fun is good
I do not mean to comment on the speakers at all since I know nothing about them but.....................

whose lists are they on?
how did you hear about them?
I am always interested in close to wall speakers, hence my owning Allison one, three and fours through the years since most women ( certainly my wife) dont want a speaker in the middle of the room or at least one third of the length of the room, according to the Cardas rule - so, looking at Agon forums, Audio asylum forums, the constant speaker mentioned was the North Creek Kitty Kat. But it is difficult to get a handle on why they work close to the wall as they have never been reviewed by an audio publication and I do not understand the physics. So I wanted owners/users' input. I want to use them in my office where they have to be inconspicuous, against the wall. But I don't want to sacrifice sonics.
As a reviewer, I usually choose what I want to review based on a casual audition at a show or at a store or I take a shot on a new product from a known brand or designer. Many Internet-based brands do not get such exposure.
Apparently the designer, George Short, is very well thought of, judging from comments on Agon and AA, but he says he's never pursued a review and relies on customer on-line comments. He seems very low
Key, which in many ways is refreshing, especially when you consider the shilling that goes on by some retailers/manufacturers, whom, as a reviewer, you are probably very familiar with. Everybody is. They post ad nauseam about their own products, not to answer technical questions, which is proper, but to sell.........which I deplore. Anyway, to come back to my OP,
I am surprised that that are so few choices of close to wall speakers, hence my post, looking for advice from a huge number of audphiles. But I didn't entitle it "which speakers....?" As this has been done so often.