How to setup a simple wireless audio system?

Looking to setup a simple wireless audio system for an older friend. Want this to enable her to listen to sounds off her pc in another room or internet radio. Had planned on a SBT and now find that they are no longer available? She is 67 and not an audiophile so its more a matter of a way to listen to stuff off her Mac in her bedroom office on the stereo in her living room. Is there something simple out there that i can buy her?
Apple's Airport Express will do this using iTunes and Airplay. It's easy to set up and use.
Another good option is a Sonos system. She can play whatever is in her library any where.
Agreed. That is how mine is setup. Apple does a nice job at making things very intuitive and easy to setup. I run an optical cable off the airport express into my DAC.
Check out Audioengine. You can take transmitters anywhere for easy set-up.
Look at Sonos. Much easier to use and far more reliable than the SBT. Any android or apple phone or tablet can be use as a controller with the free Sonos controller app.
I run an optical cable off the airport express into my DAC.
I did the same thing, but I wanted to clarify that you don't need an external DAC to get sound from the Airport Express. It has an internal DAC. The audio port is dual purpose with 3.5-mm minijack for analog and optical digital. In your friend's case, you'll need a 3.5 mm minijack to RCA cable to connect it to her stereo. Something like this: 3.5mm Male To (2) RCA Stereo Audio Cable
Thx fore the responses. I will go check on these. The simpler the better for her.